The doors to unleash & unveil your soul business are open. we start june 3rd, are you joining us?

Starting and scaling your soul biz will always require you to come back to your vision.

2 years later and over a million in sales I can tell you, the growth comes from our ability to make decisions, to have a clear vision and to execute the shit out of them without thinking twice about it

It’s about deciding what I’m going to do, but also what I’m no longer going to do, without the need of looking around for the answers. It is all about learning how to speak YOUR truth within YOUR messaging. This is your opportunity to define who you are and be unique.

When you start noticing that fear, scarcity starts showing up in your business. This is a clear sign that we need to plug back into ourselves and out of social media.

And I should tell you, this actually happens more than you think…

If you’ve been feeling resistance in certain aspects of your biz lately, then read on. I’m embarking on a journey to show you the energetic reasons why this resistance has shown up in your life – and how to integrate and reparent certain aspects of yourself.

If you’re looking to find alignment within your masculine and feminine energy, then read on. I’m diving deep into the journey inward and the connection we make with ourselves. It’s time to release control and do inner work to fight back on those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Once you start getting clients, the next most important thing you need to do for your business is create systems that are clear, repeatable, and follow protocol.

Are you looking to slay your coaching calls? Similar to my soulful selling method, this framework holds space for the clients – but with a very high focus. This framework is based on one essential question: ask your client, “What are 3 things you want to get out of the call today”?



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An entrepreneur by heart, Melissa helps other women start and scale their business, while keeping their spirits aligned and embracing new challenges.

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