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How To Soulfully Automate Your Workflows

August 26, 2021

Once you start getting clients, the next most important thing you need to do for your business is create systems that are clear, repeatable, and follow protocol.

You can do this by creating actionable steps that work for you, and ultimately for your team as your business grows. This is a crucial process that can help you grow and serve your clients, without crashing and burning out.


Tip #1: Create SOPs

SOP…what? An SOP stands for “standard operating procedure.” It may not sound like the sexiest thing, but let me tell you, SOPs most def align with where your business is going.

You’ll use SOPs to outline the process of filtering a client into your business as well as explaining your holistic experience once they’re going through their client journey.

This includes:

Their entry point

Their onboarding process

How they pay you

All of their checkpoints

Their offboarding process

Taking an audit of your business and figuring out what you can automate, starts with creating SOPs.

Tip #2: Systematize… with systems!

It all starts with a seamless client experience. Set up a process to onboard the client, including a welcome email, state date, link to resources, and clearly outlining your communication (don’t be shy about your boundaries, either!)

Once you’ve got your process laid out, set up applications that will help you. At MRE, we love: – a free online appointment scheduling software – A project management tool to plan your workflows – Plan out your daily tasks, visually – A client management system that automates the customer journey and houses important documents – Payment automation

Utilizing these resources are essential in creating a business that is clear, repeatable, scalable and follows protocol. Creating these systems will be crucial for your business to be able to run effortlessly, and most importantly, intuitively.


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