Even when you’re feeling like the path isn’t carved and the way isn’t opened.

Even when for no good reason you suddenly feel like life is unsatisfying, and you find yourself repeating the same mantra: “There has to be more than this. There has to be more than this. There has to be more than this.

Because deep down, pero amor:

Your heart is being summoned to awaken
— And not only that —
But to stay awake.
And to lead others to awaken further too.

That’s exactly what I felt when I got the call to leave everything behind and pursue my life’s Dharma and what I was truly meant to be doing on this planet. Inside Portal to The Vision, I’ll guide you through your own journey into:

Your work
Your legacy
The footprint you’re leaving behind

⚔︎ So many of us are being forced to renounce this unhealed masculine energy of “doing” so that we can connect to the essence of who we truly are. 

⚔︎ So many of us are being forced to look at the unhealed masculine energy we’ve been operating from so we can invite true ease and presence.

⚔︎ So many of us are being reminded of our earthly mission because the truth is the enslavement cycle of giving away our power and energy is finally closing — and YOU have your part to play in its end. 

⚔︎ Your life should not feel like a damn struggle bus where everyday you’re dreading the next, because the truth is we are all creative beings meant to co-create with the universe 

⚔︎ Your life should not feel like a job that drains you, because the truth is it’s a blessing to realize we have the opportunity for us to live in our passion and purpose.

⚔︎ Your life should not feel like a comparison game of who’s doing it best, because the truth is we are all imprinted with our unique codes of greatness. 

⚔︎ Your life should not feel like you are just getting by and surviving, because the truth is you’re made and destined to thrive in this lifetime. 

There is no better time than now, for all beings here on Earth, to look beyond what we can see with our eyes and tune into our hearts and ajna chakras. 

There is no better time than now, for us to look into the present moment and ask ourselves “If I can do anything at all what could that be?

There is no better time than now to hit the restart button — wherever you are right now — and remind yourself that you are safe to start again, this time under your own terms without the expectations weighing you down.  

There is no better time than now, for us to awaken to our fullest potential and activate infinite possibilities for our life. 

⚔︎ You don't need to be in another country to dream big

⚔︎ You don’t need to be living your best life now for you start

⚔︎ You don’t need to fully healed to qualify you

All you need to do is have the willingness to meet all aspects of yourself and accept them just as you are. To feel into the heart of compassion and the eyes of non- judgment without wanting to change anything.

The jewel you’ve been looking for this whole time has been right in front of you. The answers you've been looking for have been living in the belly of your intuition.

Your initiation starts whenever you say you're ready, not when the ego is making you feel like you have a laundry list of things to do first. When we alchemize the the fear and scarcity into the medicine we’ve needed for ourselves:

That's when the seed that holds the codes to your vision will activate.

What you've only dreamed of having is actually closer than ever before in this moment. Now.

Can you feel that?

The illusion that you are separate from others or somehow wrong is getting thinner, now more than ever. In fact, we all have this unique opportunity to rewire our narrative, our history and commit to operating from the totality of our oneness that is the direct energy to cosmic consciousness.

You’ve arrived at the point where it’s time to re-learn how to be human again — but this time with full embodiment in every cell and the soulful reminder that you can trust yourself.

And while you may have not always done everything the way you’ve expected, you're well on your way.

And while there may have been some roadblocks and detours, that won’t determine where you're going

This course not only will activate the shit out of you but will help you pull that vision from the cosmos into the crown chakra and down into the root of your being where you will be called to sit with it.

The Portal to the Vision is meant to be felt and received. It will ignite you into aligned action. This course is a journey through 5 video vortex trainings where we connect thought into an actual idea and a plan for your vision to be executed. 

I’ve been called to share this message with you in a deep way that’s moved my soul and already given me much by just getting this out of me and manifesting into the world. 

But this isn't about me, it’s about you.

⚔︎ To release the feeling of not knowing where to start and have a strategy that can extract your highest vision

⚔︎ To release the sense of shame and guilt because you’re replaying thoughts like, “I should already know this” and move into “I am right on time” and “my blessings don’t ever miss me.”

⚔︎ To release this scarcity energy that’s prevented you from starting or feeling like you don’t know how to deliver it and trust the divine process that knows you’re safe to start exactly where you are.

⚔︎ To release the part of you that recognizes this vision is so big it scares you and alchemize that energy into discipline, commitment and devotion.

Spirit contains the essence of your being — and of all beings. This final vortex switches on your connection to your soul. It’s the grand finale of your trip through your past, your present, and your future. This is where you’ll begin to operate from truth and truth alone. 


Inside Vortex 3, you’ll turn lead into gold like an alchemist and transmute your shadow energy into pure power. This will take discipline and faith, but the rewards you’ll uncover and the Source you’ll unlock will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 


Let the winds within fuel your commitment to the work that’s being called forth within you. Discover how to breathe life into your Dharma as you walk through the fourth vortex on your journey to unlocking your soul’s mission — the most important journey we can take with our time on Earth. 


The deeper you mine, the bigger the gems. Inside this vortex, you’ll explore your willingness to take a peek at what’s underneath the layers, without judgment. You’ll flow through many elements of yourself and deliver compassion and healing to the crevices you’ve viewed as “dark” or “broken.” You’ll come to understand that these are the places where the light shines in.


When you close your eyes, can you hear the whispering of your soul inviting you to take the ultimate dive into your own earthly mission? The dharma that is yours and yours alone? The cosmic wisdom that pulses inside your every strand of DNA? Inside this vortex, you’ll finally answer.

earth: THE CALL

Five years ago, I had a spiritual awakening — while ending a relationship, selling her home, traveling to places like Morocco and Thailand, and switching careers.

It seemed like nothing I was doing was making me happy anymore. That’s when I quit my 6-figure TV producer job and started pursuing my soul’s calling. I became a yoga/meditation teacher and started coaching from a very SOULFUL perspective. Now I live the life I’ve always dreamt of — all while building my now 7-figure business.

Half a decade ago, I walked through this portal. And when I got to the other side, I found everything I’d been looking for all along. I want this for you too.

I’m a Spiritual Business Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher and Mindset Expert.



An entrepreneur by heart, Melissa helps other women start and scale their business, while keeping their spirits aligned and embracing new challenges.

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