🜃 Are you having resistance showing up online because you don’t feel confident and aligned?

🜃 Are you having major blocks when it comes to being consistent online because you feel confused about what to post?

🜃 Are you wanting to make your passion your profit but don’t know where to start?

🜃 Are you feeling the imposter syndrome and give in to that little voice in your head saying, "Who the hell do you think you are? Why will anyone want to work with me?"

🜃 Are you tired of feeling energetically drained because you have a small following and don’t feel worthy to soulfully sell to them?

🜃 Are you feeling like the comparison factor is kicking in real bad and you don't feel smart enough or beautiful enough to show up?

△ Offers that feel quartz-crystal clear, where the transformation for your clients flow like water and taps into the purpose you were placed on this planet to fulfill.

△ Full confidence and presence in your body during the scary parts, so when you hop on a enrollment call or go to close in the DMs, it doesn’t feel like you’re floating away into the astral plane.

△ Creating abundace, closing intuitive sales and actually creating the soulful business you've always dreamed of .

△ Putting out the gifts that are already inside of you and knowing that’s enough and that we are safe to release the need for perfectionism and can show up just as we are.

△ Feeling worthy and believing with 100% of your cells that what you want can be yours without some excuse limiting your belief.

△ A way to sell intuitively that won’t require complicated technology, funnels, or those free challenges everyone and their mother is doing right now (btw all strategies work, they just have to be right for you).

Start feeling clearer, guided and most importantly, start attracting and manifesting more calmness and abundance into your everyday life. I truly believe it’s the little things we do everyday that create the masterpiece, AND that’s no small task! You will learn to attract more stillness and LEARN the tools to STOP overthinking. You will gain control over your thoughts and mind so that your business can take off!

I’m a spiritual goddess BUT I DO NOT play when it comes to business! As a former TV producer, I've dealt with million dollar budgets – I have a sharp eye for aesthetics and a get-it-done attitude.


Fun fact: I don’t give my community any sales scripts, ever. That’s because I never want you to feel like you have to follow rules that weren’t written by you. Yes, you will receive a 5-step sales process based on yogic philosophy. You’ll discover how to show up on your sales calls and what it should feel like in your body to hold space for the other person. When you flow through these 5 steps, sales are as natural as breathing.

🜃 Sell Intuitively



What doesn’t work? Creating a business based on chasing a certain amount of money, fame, or followers. Hello, ego! Nice to see you again. I thought I slayed you with the latest Eckhart Tolle book, but I guess you’re still alive and well! Instead, Unleash and Unveil Your Soul Business will show you how to focus on what the freak you want to do and who you want to be in the future...so that whatever you’re building comes from a place of deep, grounded alignment. And that’s the most solid foundation any business can be built on.

🜃 Set Your Vision


Imagine there’s a gremlin that thrives on fear. When it comes time to promote yourself online, launch a new offer, hop on a sales call or post on social media, it comes out to play and won't take no for an answer. Now is the time to stop feeding the gremlin. In this program, you’ll be learning all about "woo" strategies, receiving somatic coaching, yoga classes, and meditation to rewire your limiting beliefs and raise your vibration to the stars. Because you can get all the best tactics in the world, but none of them will matter if you keep subconsciously sabotaging yourself , ya feel me?

🜃 Heal Your Beliefs


I had a spiritual awakening 7 years ago when I was ending a relationship, selling a house, traveling to places like Morocco and Thailand and switching careers. It seemed like nothing I was doing was making me happy anymore, until I quit my 6-figure TV Producer job and started pursuing my soul's calling! I became a yoga/meditation teacher and started coaching from a very SOULFUL perspective! I now live the life I always dreamed of – all the while building my 7-figure business.

I’m a Spiritual Business Coach, registered Yoga Teacher and Mindset Expert.

i'm melissa

Get clarity on your ideal client by conducting market research and getting to know your tribe. because the best offers come directly from your audience. 

Unleash your vision and tap into your intuition so you can focus on what your soul business could be (hint: you'll be nudged to dream bigger than you ever have before.

What's Included

WEEK 01.

WEEK 02.

Let’s figure out your soul's messaging so we can speak your truth and be in alignment. because in this house, we do flow, not forcing.

Let’s optimize your social media so you are branding like a badass. hello, steady stream of steamin' hot leads!

WEEK 03.

WEEK 04.

Learn how to launch without launching into any fancy funnels so you can stay present in your offer (no messy tech needed...like, at all).

Let’s create your magical offering so that it speaks to your higher self (aka where your soul's gifts come out to play - and get paid!).

WEEK 05.

WEEK 06.

It’s going to get real! we’re learning how to soulfully sell. I solemnly swear on my yoga mat, there’s nothing sleazy about this way of selling it’s intuitive and how we serve our communities.

Rinse, repeat and upcycle your content so that you save time and energy, and always stay in the flow (this will save you 5 glorious hours each week).

WEEK 07.

WEEK 08.

Building systems in your business so that you're not crashing and burning, and instead it runs effortlessly, intuitively and efficiently.

The magic in marketing! Get clear on all the different strategies you need to be doing in order to sell out your offers and programs

WEEK 09.

WEEK 10.

Step into your leadership. when you discover how to do this confidently, the only thing your community is gonna say about your business is, “wow, i’m so happy for her!!” and also “hey, can i hire you??”

Set up the soulful currency method so you can fully execute on the sale while staying in a state of energetic alignment

WEEK 11.

WEEK 12.

🜃 You want to turn your passion into profit but have resistance, feel stuck and are confused on what to do next.

🜃 You want to create an online business so you can quit that 9 to 5 that’s draining you, once and for all.

🜃 You’re just getting started in your business but you’re tired of doing it alone and you know something isn’t WORKING.

🜃 You’re serious about your business and are ready to start making massive change so you can hit 5k months!

🜃 You want to learn to fully trust yourself and your intuition so you're not second guessing yourself, EVER!

Are you ready to make the shift and step into the authority of your niche so you start attracting more abundance around your purposeful business? If so, I see YOU, love. That’s why I'm sharing the exact formula and step by step process I used to quit my 6-figure career in order to start living my soul's purpose.

Two years ago, I walked away from a 6-figure salary and was left with nothing but the FAITH and DETERMINATION to change the narrative and STEP into my life’s calling. I can’t wait for you to stop hiding and STEP into your birthright of alignment, so that you can skyrocket on every spiritual level.

12 weeks of dynamic + "woo" strategy trainings

Detailed, step-by-step workbooks

Live weekly group coaching with Melissa

Weekly yoga classes with Melissa to work on feminine and masculine energy

FB community with support coaching, along with mantras and oil recommendations

Private membership website

I feel like I’ve got endless possibilities! I already signed 2 clients. 

I just recently got asked to lead a meditation and breath work session every morning at Lightning in a bottle, this hippie spiritual music festival and I’m SOOO excited!!!! I’ve always wanted to do this and I can’t wait to be on a stage - where I belong!

Before starting Unleash & Unveil My Soul Business, I was struggling in my business...Now, 13 weeks later, I have sold numerous human designs readings, I’ve signed 2 high tickets clients into my new 1:1 offer at my new price increase of 4K (she’s paying monthly) I sold out a masterclass and so much more.





An entrepreneur by heart, Melissa helps other women start and scale their business, while keeping their spirits aligned and embracing new challenges.

Melissa Ruiz

Hi humans I'm Melissa