Am I getting close?

But instead, you’re snatching up every shiny red object for sale, looking for the answers from any guru with a social media presence, and hiding the most magical parts of you behind closed doors. 

“Damn, if I could fully trust myself, charge whatever the F I want, and stop comparing myself to everyone else on Instagram, I could finally create the dope business of my dreams?”

felt like this?

What will they think of me?
Will doing this make me less than?
I don’t feel like an authority yet.

Instead of launching those soulful offers and talking about the stuff you love in your brand, you’re holding yourself back...and all that buried desire?

It’s keeping your income plateaued between $2,000 and $5,000 a month — even though you can feel it in your gut that you’re meant for much, much more.

It’s a playlist that keeps you from hitting the next level, and, sistar, you’ve gotta unsubscribe!

with thoughts like.. 

is for you if...

🜃 You’ve got your eyes laser focused in on that coveted 6-figure mark...but only if you can hit it in a way that’s in full alignment with your soul’s purpose

🜃 You’re burnt out from what you’re doing now, and you’re hungry to scale your business with offers that are pleasurable and profitable at the same time

🜃 You’re ready to hit that next milestone of 5-figure months, and you need clear support and guidance to get there — with a mix of frameworks AND flow, masculine AND feminine, structured AND spiritual

🜃 You’re seeking a conscious group of high-vibe leaders you can link arms and do cacao ceremonies with...who will raise you higher and hold you as you dig deeper


The mastermind program will give you not only the intuitive action-based steps to launch new products and scale your business, but the mindset it takes to get there. This program is ONLY for people who are serious about their business and are ready to scale to 6 figures and beyond.

🜁 Imagine having access to an entire suite full of grounded, practical training modules at your beck and call…

🜁 With a small circle of awakened, conscious leaders who can help you drop in and step up anytime you need them…

🜁 And private coaching each month to hold your feet to the flame and teach you how to move through it…

🜁 Where you’re safe to show off your most beautiful, divine gifts and be witnessed in all your glory…

🜁 You’re introduced to other, industry-leading pros who are here to take you by the hand and walk you forward into your next business iteration…

🜁 Where you can see yourself reflected back inside the circle, whether it’s the color of your skin, your sexuality, your language, so you don’t have to compare yourself to others any longer…

🜁 And you’re shown how to integrate all the parts of your soul into your work, so you never have to give up “this” for “that”...

🜁 With two in-person retreats that are less “look at us drinking on a rooftop” and more “going on a naked shamanic journey in the desert while we’re served luxe vegan meals and practicing yoga every day”...

Get ready to do less, serve more and convert more leads than you ever dreamed of.

And start attracting and manifesting more calmness and abundance into your everyday life and business.

You will embody and manifest how to soulfully sell so that you are always attracting more soul clients into your tribe. You will gain more wisdom and insight on how to create aligned strategies that are specific and customized to exactly what you need – it's not a "one size fits all" approach.

I don’t teach you how to need or depend on me; I teach you all the skills you need to be the next fully expressed version of yourself.

& feel what it would be like if:

🜃 You woke up every day and instead of checking your phone frantically, you got to your yoga class and meditation practice first.

🜃 Your social media were flooded with DMs from clients waiting to work with you.

🜃 You had systems in place that allowed you to go on vacation or go traveling around the world backpacking, and still have a thriving business.

🜃 You could build an empire off of your passion while serving others and sharing your medicine with the world.

🜃 You could show up just as you are without changing anything about yourself because your gifts are why people want to work with you.

🜃 You had the dopest soul tribe just wanting to support and collaborate with you.

Monthly training modules and workbooks full of wisdom and clear, pointed actions you can implement using tools you already have and gifts you already possess 

6 months of high-vibe support designed to help you build a business that feels as flowy as a set of sun salutations as you scale to 6 figures intuitively

Here's What You'll Get

5 specialized guest support coaches to give you even more business nourishment 

Once a month private coaching calls with Melissa to teach you how to wake up to your power

The circle of Unleash and Unveil soulpreneurs to inspire and sustain you as you grow inside this journey 

Biweekly live group coaching calls with Melissa to coach you to the next level 

1:1 sessions with a holistic ayurvedic practitioner who provides various tools for healing and embodiment







Weekly, virtual yoga classes with Melissa to work on feminine and masculine energy



of the mastermind

Instead of giving up or skipping our spiritual practice & morning rituals, let's incorporate them into our conscious business so we stay in the flow with our higher self.


Let’s create a business that thrives and focuses on our dharma and life's mission, so we don't accidentally create a business we feel obligated to. 

vision + mission

Let’s energetically connect to all of our offers so we sell out with ease and grace.

product suite

Let’s reverse engineer our goals for the next 6 months so you know exactly what’s coming in and we can properly forecast revenue.

plan + strategy

Get clear on the copy, value stacking and why your dream client will commit to the transformation is key.

marketing optimization

Moving passed the fear so you reprogram your subconscious mind and any resistance showing up that wants you to stay the same.

sales process optimization

Curating content that you know your ideal client needs is imperative when converting clients to paying customers.

content that converts

Let's customize your launches so you are always filtering in new clients while launching like an #earthgoddess

launching & lead gen

2 in person retreats with your mastermind tribe and Melissa!


would it feel to

how would it feel if you just Gave yourself permission to let it be easy, soulful and aligned?

This is based on what I call Your One Dope Thing — where NOBODY is your competition because what you’re doing is just so customized and unique, they couldn’t keep up if they tried.

diversify your product suite

So you can close more soul clients without floating out of your body every time it gets to the part where you tell them your price.


So you’re not just building another 9-5 and instead building a business that supports your dharma.

fully trust your intuition

of kindred spirits who will fully support you and nurture your biggest dreams and visions — even when you feel yourself backsliding into the land of doubt. 

BE EMBRACED BY A community 

And manifest those $10K months you put on your vision board 6 months ago, and watch it become a reality. 


 just wanting to support and collaborate with you.



I had a spiritual awakening 5 years ago when I was ending a relationship, selling a house, traveling to places like Morocco and Thailand and switching careers. It seemed like nothing I was doing was making me happy anymore, until I quit my 6-figure TV Producer job and started pursuing my soul's calling! I became a yoga/meditation teacher and started coaching from a very SOULFUL perspective! I now live the life I always dreamed of – all the while building my now 7-figure business.

I’m a Spiritual Business Coach, registered Yoga Teacher and Mindset Expert.

i'm melissa

For 11+ years she has facilitated many spaces within 1:1 & group Journeys throughout the US, Cuba, Peru & Colombia. Providing tools of empowerment, elemental body awareness, ancestral healing, inner child healing, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical healing and life purpose embodiment.

Within this 6 Month Journey she will be bringing forth all of herself that has learned from her teachers within the Amazons, Cuba, Ancestral Roots, Tibetan Ayurveda, Buddhism, Shamanism, Holistic & Transpersonal Psychology.  

a Holistic Ayurvedic Practitioner & Transformational Mentor & Coach

your healing mentor

Her mission is to legally empower entrepreneurs to protect their businesses so they can confidently grow them. As someone who has grown multiple businesses over the past 14 years, she's successfully navigated the unpredictable world of law and entrepreneurship.

She started her first company in 2009 while working as an attorney. After successfully growing that company and subsequently launching another, she eventually started her virtual law firm, Influencer Legal after seeing the profound need from other small business owners for legal guidance, education, and access.

During the 6 month mastermind Alli will be your go-to for all your legal needs and questions and will host monthly live classes and Q&A's in the private facebook group.

 an attorney, entrepreneur, and podcast host

your legal

I already had a successful launch in my business, generating $70k in my program after years of undercharging. While I finally felt like I had mastered sales, something felt incredibly off. I didn’t want to be driven by money! And my process kept leaning me to perpetual burnout. After years of investing in so many coaching and business programs, I came to Melissa with one goal in mind: Alignment.

I didn’t want to repeat the toxic marketing and sales tactics I had been taught. I wanted to build more than just a business, but a legacy. And through Melissa’s approach, I learned there can be a much more easeful, embodied, and aligned way to do this. We are so much more than coaches, but healers pursuing our dharma. My relationship with money has healed so much, and what’s most important is that I feel abundant - regardless of what’s in my bank account. To me, that is priceless.
–June K.

through Melissa’s approach, I learned there can be a much more easeful, embodied, and aligned way to do this.

I didn't even ask about the investment, it didn't matter. I just knew that she would take my business from good to extraordinary. And my intuition was spot on because in my first 2 months in the Unleash & Unveil Mastermind 3.0 I went from 2K to over 10K in sales. And my 3rd month I made over 20K! Melissa is definitely the coach I needed to help me reprogram my mindset and to walk in confidence knowing I have a 6 figure practice.
–Katherine S.

When I met with Melissa on our first call, I knew I had to work with her


An entrepreneur by heart, Melissa helps other women start and scale their business, while keeping their spirits aligned and embracing new challenges.

Melissa Ruiz

Hi humans I'm Melissa