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The 4 Principles of Divine Energy

September 17, 2021

If you’re looking to find alignment within your masculine and feminine energy, then read on. I’m diving deep into the journey inward and the connection we make with ourselves. It’s time to release control and do inner work to fight back on those limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

The principle of Trust and how to use it

It is so powerful to just ask yourself when you’re feeling caught up of #allthethings. Being in a job that we don’t like or being around people that don’t inspire us but we kind of just keep going.

Here is your pause.

Here is what the Divine is asking you to do – to take a pause. You are allowed to change your mind and the course you’re on. We really want to bring back the practice of being present.

How can you do this? Very simply

Start by paying attention and bringing all of your focus and attention to what you’re doing, even look at your hands…then, analyze all of it – look at the lines, flip over the hands and look at the fingernails.

Turn off all of the distractions. And notice all of the parts. I also have learned to practice and continue to have mastery over this. I used to operate through the monkey mind, meaning, you are washing dishes one minute and then all of a sudden the thought will come up and you’re like,

“Oh, I forgot to do this for about two days, and I felt like I never finished anything like that.”

Feel the proximity to operate your entire life by just surrendering into practicing doing one thing at a time. Do not give yourself permission to do the next thing until you finish that task.

Surrender into the trust – we don’t have to be humans that are constantly checking and double-checking.

Trust, trusting yourself.

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