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How to Work with the Energy of Resistance

September 30, 2021

If you’ve been feeling resistance in certain aspects of your biz lately, then read on. I’m embarking on a journey to show you the energetic reasons why this resistance has shown up in your life – and how to integrate and reparent certain aspects of yourself.

My magic tips on how to work with the energy of resistance both in your life and your business

The answer is never in the shut down and the ‘I’m not going to do this’ – it’s just another way to have perspective over the Self.

Here’s how.

Befriend resistance

The answer in this is figuring out how to reparent this resistance, and turning that energy of resistance to become your teacher. First, by investigating why resistance has shown up in your life in the first place.

Second, by not shutting down and instead just sitting with ourselves. My favorite practice is one that I do in meditation where I just sit down and close my eyes. If I actually go in with the want to connect to certain aspects of myself that’s giving me this problem…that’s showing up in a way where it doesn’t allow me to move, then I’ve made friends with this aspect of myself.

Understand resistance as an opportunity and alchemize that energy

Look through with eyes of compassion and understand the discipline as a cause and effect energy. I find that as we go along in life, there are these aspects of ourselves that kind of stay lingering behind.

So ask yourself – even in the now – is there a part of you that you haven’t really tended to? Maybe it’s because you got into a new relationship. Maybe it’s because you bought a new house. Maybe it’s because something new and exciting is happening, and these things are  showing up as resistance.

There are parts of us that still either need to be reparent or integrated, and it’s a beautiful way to think of our bodies as an operating system. I often think of myself as a computer in the best way possible. And I ask myself, have I gone too far away in the forward moving action, leaving some parts behind, and something needs to integrate?

Have grace with the resistance

Connect with this aspect of yourself and tell yourself that things are going to be okay.

Remember, we’re all growing and flowing, and testing ourselves. We’re doing scary things and nothing about building ourselves and walking your dharma is comfortable.

I find that we can feel a sense of ease and grace but usually a path is a rocky one. And that’s ok.

It’s easier when we look at all of these aspects of ourselves with the opportunity to try and heal them. The discipline is a beautiful energy to have when you want to sit with yourself and you want to have a meditation practice.

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