The doors to unleash & unveil your soul business are open. we start june 3rd, are you joining us?

My love, you create safety in your business when you create confidence and harmony within all of your body. The goal is to bring the spiritual, mental, and physical body altogether in balance.

If we don’t create safety within ourselves first, how can we create safety in our business? Remember, you are not the business – you are the one who runs it! So you can’t expect your business to do anything for you without requiring you to do something first.

One of the hardest parts when scaling your business is the mindset that’s needed along with the expansion. It’s the embodiment piece that is so often overlooked because at this stage it’s all about leveraging your time and taking bigger swings in your business.

As we work on scaling our business, it’s important that we utilize more than just one platform so we can get optimal reach and can cross-pollinate our content. Your ideal client may be on multiple platforms and if you’re just targeting one, you might be missing a huge opportunity to get in front of more people.

If you want to learn how to create a great client experience through the Client Journey that will bring you the best client retention, then you’re in the right place!

While I love to work with the divine feminine of surrender and flow I equally love to work with the balanced masculine energy so that we can experience the best of both worlds.

My love, today I want to guide you into the creation of a unique framework for your business. The more you start to identify what’s already working for your client, the faster and easier it is to build frameworks in your business.



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An entrepreneur by heart, Melissa helps other women start and scale their business, while keeping their spirits aligned and embracing new challenges.

Melissa Ruiz

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