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How to build unique frameworks in your biz

January 6, 2022

My love, today I want to guide you into the creation of a unique framework for your business.

The more you start to identify what’s already working for your client, the faster and easier it is to build frameworks in your business. 

Creating a framework separates you from the rest but more importantly it further positions and indoctrinates your processes, methods and brand.

But first, the thing you are probably wondering… What exactly is a framework?

A framework is a set of actions that are custom to you and your business that walk you through a process to resolve a specific problem.

You know you are ready to create a framework as soon as… 

you have social proof that what you’re doing is working.

you know you are doing something different in the market.

you start to formulate the language around your own process.

you can make it easy, repeatable and digestible.


Brand Pillars

The first thing you need to be crystal clear on (in order to create the unique framework that suits your business) are your brand pillars.

Ask yourself, “What do I want to teach that supports my values?”

Start identifying, “Is there anything I’m already doing that is effortless for me?”

Ask yourself, “What is my own process inside of this potential pain point for my ideal client and how can I make this a 3-7 step process that will get them to their desired outcome?”


Start exploring your potential framework

Something that helped me in the beginning was screen recording my process and then watching it back.

For this, I asked a client for permission to record a sales call and was able to get really clear on what I was naturally doing. 

In the end, I walked them through a 5 step process to closing more intuitive sales, aka the Soulful Currency Method®.


Humans, the entrepreneurial journey is not only about getting in the room and being around people who can expand you, but also not missing opportunities… And this is your opportunity.

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