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How to Energetically Qualify Your Soulmate Client

November 18, 2022

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I discuss how to qualify your soulmate client energetically, and how this differs from qualifying them financially. While both are important, the vast majority of people put most (if not all) of their focus on a potential client’s monetary return on investment. This can result in working with a lot of folks that you just don’t jive with, where personalities clash. With clients like these, you ultimately end up wasting time and money anyway!


[01:02] What does it mean to “energetically” qualify your client?
[04:37] Three steps to determining whether you’ve found your soulmate client
[12:26] Questions to ask potential clients to see if they’re the perfect fit
[16:42] What does it really mean to have a “soul” business?
[21:43] How to live your passion and mission while thriving financially

Have you ever had that dreaded moment when you couldn’t hop onto your scheduled Zoom call because of an automatic update? Well, it happened to me right as I was about to hop on a call with a potential client—just two months into my business!

I showed up to the call about a minute late, super excited to speak to this person, and they flat out told me, “You’re late. I don’t want to work with you.” After taking the time to beat myself up and let the tears flow, the lesson finally came to me:

Even if I was able to meet with that person on time, it never would have worked out anyway. They were not my soulmate clients.

Finding your soulmate client requires you to understand their energetic imprint, and whether your own energetic imprint jives with theirs. After I was done shaming myself at that moment, I realized that neither of us would have been happy to work with one another, even if they were fully capable of paying me on-time in full.

I’ve met too many entrepreneurs who have burned down their own businesses either because they had too many nightmare clients who they only took on because they were financially qualified, or were too people-pleasing and overworked themselves just to please particularly demanding clients.

I believe that when you work with clients and students that you absolutely know, like, and trust, you’ll never lose that spark that inspired you to start your business in the first place!

Here are three steps to ensuring that you work solely with your soulmate clients from now on:

Step 1: Qualify people with energy.

Tune in, close your eyes, bring your hands to your body, and ask yourself what the energy imprint of the person opposite you feels like.

Do you have warm, fuzzy feelings when you speak with them? Are you lit up when you connect with them? Do you believe in their mission for their life or business?

Get quiet, and tune into your energy so that you can tune into theirs.

Step 2: Tune into your potential client’s personality.

Energy and personality are two different things. Energy is a person’s essence, their spirit. Personality is how we express our human form.

How is your potential client showing up? Are they hogging the mic and overbearing? Or are they so reserved that you have to go the extra mile to pull an insight out of them? Either of these are extremes, but depending on your own personality, you will gravitate towards one or the other.

The way you show up has to energetically vibe with them, and a huge component of that is how they express themselves through their personality. And the same is true vice versa.

Step 3: Ask more questions.

Take the conversation further. Just because they got on a call with you doesn’t mean they’re your soulmate client.

The initial call is the perfect time to get to know your client’s personality, energy, and learning style. Will they thrive in a one-on-one environment or do they best learn among a community? Not enough business owners are doing this. They place people in containers, which doesn’t give them the highest probability to succeed.

I need to take responsibility as CEO of my company to bring in only quality clients so that I am able to serve them to the best of my ability, while they at the same time bring me not only the financial compensation, but the sense of purpose and fulfillment that I desired when I started my business.

You have to place people where they need to be and not where you want them to be. And you can only do that by asking enough of the right questions from the get-go.

Your soul business is not a regular business.

Your soul business is connected to your vision, your mission, and your dharma. It’s connected to your highest frequency, which points you to what you’re meant to do on this planet.

Your soul business is the thing you would do even if you weren’t getting paid for it. At the same time, you need to make sure you’re being supported in your work. You need to financially attune with money if you aren’t making as much as you wish.

Your mental, emotional, and spiritual stability matters. But so does your financial stability. As long as we live on this Earth, all of these foundations matter.

You could be doing everything well in your business, but are constantly doing it from a place of scarcity. Sooner or later, you’ll no longer want to do the thing that once gave you pleasure.

It’s possible to be in our dharma and our mission and our passion—all while thriving, living with excess and abundance! We can step into our soul business while having the resources we need to enjoy our life, give as much as we want to the people we care most about, and build a powerful legacy that we’re proud of.

That’s what it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur.

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