A masterclass for leaders who are ready to transcend and alchemize old paradigms so you step into your next level unapologetically. 

You will discover how to be in close proximity to the energy that will shift your confidence, and connect you to your inner star wisdom so that you shed what’s been holding you back from tuning into abundance and activating the disruptor within you without looking around for approval.

Close more intuitive sales with woo strategies and secret tools of embodiment and empowerment, without feeling out of alignment and salesy on the phone (or in DMs!), EVER AGAIN.

This is a 6 step self-paced currency course for the mystical offbeat entrepreneur who desires to energetically close more sales that empower their tribe to make decisions out of abundance, and not scarcity.


This is for you if you desire to have a soul’d out offer by launching with ease, alignment, and freedom.

This 4 step method uses supportive woo strategies and intuitive methods to launch any offer without complications of a sales page, daily posting, fancy funnels - all the things I felt that was not in alignment with how I want to show up

launching without launching® course

The Portal to the Vision is a journey inward back to the core of your existence. It will ignite you into aligned action.

This course is a journey through 5 video vortex trainings where we connect thought into an actual idea and a plan for your vision to be executed.

portal to the vision course

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2 monthly PAYMENTS OF $199




Get this bundle for $1120

Get this bundle for $1120

This is a 12-week group coaching program for conscious leaders and practitioners who want to build the type of business where success is no longer just possible... it's inevitable.

This program is a powerful mix of business and personal expansion that raises your vibe as it raises your income.

We start January 30th, are you coming?

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Listen to this 20-minute journey by Melissa featuring DJ Taz Rashid binaural beats that will unlock, release, and alchemize your money stories walking through all of your chakras from the bottom to the top, hunny.

original music by DJ Taz Rashid
www.djtazrashid.com / @djtazrashid

An entrepreneur by heart, Melissa helps other women start and scale their business, while keeping their spirits aligned and embracing new challenges.

Melissa Ruiz

Hi humans I'm Melissa