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How to Release Shame Around Charging for Our Offerings

November 29, 2022

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I cover the importance of releasing shame when it comes to charging for your offerings. I share three questions to ask yourself, which will help shed light on why spiritual BIPOC entrepreneurs should never hesitate to charge whatever we want to charge for access to our innate wisdom.

[01:09] Getting used to charging high prices for your offerings
[12:55] Where am I now?
[13:29] Where do I want to be and how will I get there?
[15:05] What beliefs am I holding that are keeping me from my desires?
[21:07] Do not give up your power just because you are afraid of other people’s opinions

BIPOC entrepreneurs generally aren’t used to charging for their own offerings.

We have been enslaved into this matrix-like system telling us that we’re only worthy to take certain jobs and stay away from everything else.

Nobody taught us that our artistry is something to be proud of. We simply don’t give enough credit to the creative, to the person who wants to step out of the box, to try something new and feel alive doing so.

Why shouldn’t our business and our livelihood be connected to our dharma—our mission?

We all have the ability to be a channel, to stream consciousness, to share from a higher perspective. But when we live in fear and lack, that channel closes.

The more we start to step into our wealth and our abundance, once we start to realize that everyone can have a piece of the pie, the closer we get to living our soul business. But we have to be willing to change first. And nobody is responsible for that change except ourselves.

Let’s take a moment to honor the parts of us that are exactly where they are; but, let us also embrace our desire for more.

How do we do this? By asking ourselves these three questions:

Question #1: Where am I now?

It’s obviously important to focus on where we want to be. But there is no point in doing so if we’re not clear on where we currently are at the moment.

Don’t be ashamed. Where you are right now is a blessing. Where you are right now is vital. Where you are right now should not be skipped. Where you are right now exists that intense pressure that will unveil that gem within you. Where you are right now can give you clarity on how to get to where you desire to be.

Question #2: Where do I want to be and how will I get there?

We need to detach from the ever-present feeling that where we are right now is “not good enough”, or that we’re broken or missing something by not being where we desire to be.

If we hold these unproductive beliefs, we’ll never be able to possess the wherewithal to take the next step.

Remember, where you are now is just as important as your end-goal, because once we can take a step back and objectively reflect on the present, we can strategize for the future.

It is your birthright to desire health, abundance, and love.

Question #3: What beliefs am I holding that are keeping me from my desires?

Whenever we feel stuck in our reality, we can take the necessary first steps forward by simply getting clear on the beliefs that are keeping us in place, causing us to resist growth.

After all, the game of success is largely one of having the right beliefs in place that propels us toward our goals. Healthy and productive beliefs help us to conquer our fears and take the plunge regardless of what we might label as our “limitations”.

When it comes to charging for our offerings, this cannot be more true. The only reason we refuse to charge any higher for what we do is due to a feeling of lack or inadequacy. Many call it “impostor syndrome”.

Rewiring our old narratives takes a lot of work. It’s probably going to be a lifelong labor. But there must come a point when we embrace our inner wisdom and channel that power into our soul business.

As long as our decisions are in alignment with our body, mind, and spirit, we’re always going to be on the right track.

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