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How to Cash-In on Your Vibrational Currency

December 2, 2022

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I talk about all things abundance—from releasing feelings of shame when it comes to money and how to attract your greatest desires into your life. In short, get ready to learn how to cash-in on your vibrational currency!


[00:22] The secret to attracting money effortlessly
[03:39] Working on your money story
[07:39] Practicing “not complaining”
[11:32] How we can get addicted to toxic emotions 
[21:40] Feel your feelings, but learn to let them go

You don’t need to work hard to experience abundance.

In fact, more often than not, the harder you work, the more you repel abundance!

If that’s the case, how do you cash-in on your vibrational currency?

Your vibration is basically what you’re thinking about the most and what you’re practicing the most. Do you spend the majority of your time complaining and worrying? Or do you always make a point to soldier on, believing that every challenge you experience is for your highest good?

See, it doesn’t matter how hard you work if your mind, heart, and soul are not in a space that expects growth, progress, and—yes—abundance. (Ever heard of the phrase, “going through the motions”?)

Set aside some time to slow down and be one with the present. Take a step back from whatever you’re currently facing and assess your situation—and your feelings toward it—from an objective perspective. Ask yourself, “What’s in the way, and how does overcoming it help me to expand my power?”

The more you practice this—the more you give a shit about your feelings—the more your money will expand.

Work on your money story.

Most of us try to put off taking action until we’re “ready”.

Here’s the harsh truth: You’ll never feel truly “ready”.

It doesn’t matter how ready you think you are. What matters is that you’re “willing” to take the plunge regardless of your emotions and the circumstances around you. You must be willing to fall flat on your face, again and again and again. You’re willing to put yourself out there. You’re willing to risk it all.

I mean, when it comes down to it, why the hell shouldn’t you take the plunge? How much do you have to lose apart from your purpose, your mission, your dreams?

Have you ever succeeded in playing it safe? Doesn’t that shit hurt more than failing?

We’re not here to play it safe. We’re here to fully expand into the beings that we know we are meant to be.

Don’t force change. Instead, practice “not complaining”.

Complaining is a disease.

When we complain, we become ungrateful. Complaining is different from bringing awareness to the things we don’t desire. This is different from desiring change and noticing the things that we don’t want.

Complaining is a low-vibrational state. It doesn’t match us to abundance.

Frequency translates into an energetic imprint. The frequencies of prosperity and love carry the same essence. We have the ability to attune our vibrational currency to these frequencies at any given moment.

What does all of this have to do with money?

In a word: everything!

You need to understand that an internal shift is required to shift your vibrational currency toward abundance. When you become a vibrational match to your desires, your currency begins to expand.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to be more grateful for everything you receive, no matter how small. Open up all of your love channels. Practice the opposite of those feelings you don’t like.

We are not only the co-creator of our life; we are THE creator of our life. The Universe expands through us, and we expand with it. We get to be the captain of our ship, simply through the power of our thoughts and intentions.

As long as our decisions are in alignment with our body, mind, and spirit, we’re always going to be on the right track.

Care about how you feel. Care about what gets you closer to every form of abundance. It’s not something that you have to go out and acquire.

It’s something that you have to allow in. It’s not about getting; it’s about receiving. It’s not about outworking and outshining others; it’s about caring for your own vibrational state and filling your cup.

Detach from your urge to judge yourself harshly. Detach from the outcome. Detach from others’ opinions.

Feel your feelings instead of hiding from them. But sooner or later, you have to let go and take the plunge.

Then, and only then, can you cash-in on your vibrational currency.

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