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How to Start a Spiritual Business

December 10, 2022

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I talk about what it takes to start a spiritual business. Soul entrepreneurship, to me, is the value that we bring to the world upon the merging of our passion and our calling. It’s something we can only discover while walking our spiritual path, actively seeking inward experiences. Listen in as I break down the four steps to starting your very own spiritual business!


[00:36] Defining “spiritual entrepreneurship”
[05:12] How a spiritual business differs from a regular business
[07:12] Picking your niche
[11:45] Picking your platform
[15:57] Picking your style
[18:22] Picking your “why”

Three-and-a-half years ago, when I first started my business, I knew that I wanted to be a business owner, but I also knew that I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to include my mission and my dharma into my business. This is exactly what I did—and this is exactly what “soul entrepreneurship” is all about.

You cannot start a spiritual business without understanding yourself. It starts when you strive for self-awareness on your path to merging your passion and your calling. It starts when you deliberately seek to apply the lessons of your inward experiences to your everyday life and career.

Reiki, yoga, mindfulness walking and eating, working with a life or spiritual coach—these are just a few of the many ways you can tap into your inner world. They inform what your soul business is all about, which will go deeper than the almost impersonal product-focused brand that defines a “regular” business.

Here are four simple, but often overlooked steps to starting your own soul business today!

Step #1: Pick a niche.

I know you’ve probably heard this one a million times, but it’s always worth reining ourselves in when we start going too crazy with the steady stream ideas that are part-and-parcel of the DNA of an entrepreneur.

While we should embrace our creativity, failing to pick a niche and stick with it runs the risk of confusing both ourselves and the people that we’re trying to reach.

Keep it simple. If people go to your website or social media profile and can’t tell right away what value you can offer them, they’re going to click away—guaranteed.

Step #2: Pick a platform.

Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube…

At the beginning of your journey as a business owner, it can be overwhelming to pick a single platform to build your brand on.

As your business grows, you can (and in many cases should) build out your online presence on more platforms. But when you’re starting out, keep in mind that you can do anything, but you can’t do everything at the same time.

Pick one app and go all-in. Post consistently, build your audience steadily, master the platform, and then at some point (and you’ll know when), you’ll be ready to kick off a new platform to repurpose and create even more content.

Step #3: Pick a style.

By this, I mean your style of entertaining, educating, and inspiring via your brand. Should you go heavy on high-quality Reels or spontaneous Stories?

Don’t compare yourself to what other people do. Get clear on your strengths and preferred way of showing up online. My style is looking straight into the camera and speaking off-the-cuff. I know not everyone can relate to that. And that’s okay.

If you’re a much better writer than you are a speaker, lean into that. If you’re weak at improvising but can get your point across very effectively with a little preparation, then take the time to write a script and put together well-edited videos or podcasts.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to personal branding, and definitely not when it comes to style.

Step #4: Pick a “why”.

Stop focusing so much on the “how”. The “how” will fall into place; but, nothing happens without the “why”.

Everything has a spirit, even your business. Connect with that spirit by gaining awareness of how you want to express your gifts and make an impact on the people and the world around you.

When you connect to your intention, you send a rocket of desire out into the Universe. You signal to the Universe that you have something to say. It’s an exciting and expansive feeling that infuses purpose into every idea you have and every decision you make.

Your why is the foundation from which you begin your journey, and it is the same foundation that keeps you flying.

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