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What Is A Spiritual Business?

December 12, 2022

If you’re going through a spiritual awakening right now, you may feel called to start a spiritual business. You may enjoy helping other people with your spiritual gifts and now you’re desiring for more. You’re wanting to attract abundance from your intuitive gifts.

Starting a spiritual business is really about what’s activating what’s already within you. Maybe you feel like it’s part of your life’s purpose, or dharma to start your own spiritual business.

Owning your own spiritual business can be fulfilling your soul’s life purpose. You get to create your own schedule and make your own rules, all while helping people in the process.

If you feel like the universe is calling you to make your own spiritual business, it’s because you find fulfillment in helping others.

There are many different ways you can start a spiritual business:

  • You can become a yoga teacher
  • You can build a nonprofit for a meditation center
  • You can create a metaphysical shop
  • You can own a crystal shop on etsy
  • You can deliver tarot readings in person or at local events
  • You can become a spiritual life coach
  • You can become a holistic health practitioner
  • You can offer astrology readings
  • You can become a reiki master

There are many more options out there, but the most important thing to ask yourself is what are your spiritual gifts and how can you infuse them into your own business?

Take the time to reflect on what your spiritual gifts are. If you don’t have clarity on your gifts, how can you offer guidance or teach them to others?

Whatever you feel the most drawn to on your spiritual journey is what you can include in your offerings with your spiritual business. For example, if you feel drawn to learn more about meditation, maybe one day you can teach other people how to meditate.

If something doesn’t end up working out for you, just know that you can always change your mind. You’re allowed to explore different things and be adventurous as a soulpreneur.

How I Started My Spiritual Business

When I was first deciding to quit my job as a TV producer in NYC to start my own business, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just listening to my intuition and letting it initiate me on my path to spiritual entrepreneurship.

I remember asking myself vividly, “What is the thing you would be doing that no matter what happens you would still be happy?” I told myself the answer was yoga.

I wanted to be a leader and create spaces in yoga studios where other humans can connect each other. The instructions for my business came from within. The more I listened to myself, the more opportunities started to come up.

My yoga students started to tell me that after 6 weeks of yoga and meditation with me, they finally were able to realize what their true calling was. They felt connected to their soul’s purpose.

Most of my students felt called to start a spiritual business, but they didn’t know where to start. That ignited a new fire within me. I decided to initiate others onto the path of spiritual entrepreneurship and I launched my spiritual business coaching brand, Unleash & Unveil.

I named it that very intentionally. It’s not just any business, it’s the business that sets your soul on fire. That’s the type of business that I wanted to help people create, your soul business.

How To Create Your Spiritual Business?

This is the business you are creating from your soul. Crafting your spiritual business is an art. It requires an inner process that connects you with your intuition. Here’s how you can follow the process of connecting with your intuition.

  1. Get clear with your vision.

The first step is for you to receive clarity on why you want to start your business. What is your why and why do you get to do what you do?

You’re always working on this first step because your vision is always changing. Whenever I feel distracted or unfocused in my business I always return myself to my why.

Your vision is what will ground and root the rest of your business into your physical reality.

It’s important that you have a why for your business and have a why for yourself, otherwise you can end up feeling trapped in your business.

My vision is surrounded by freedom. The fact that I get to work for myself, on my own time, and creating my own schedule is liberating. I wanted people to feel my spirit when I connect with them. It was so important for me to not feel hard or salesy when connecting with my clients.

A lot of people start to chase money instead of attracting it because they’re not clear on their vision. Start asking yourself what do I really envision for myself 3 years from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

You can’t be rigid with your vision either. You have to allow yourself the grace and ability to be flexible.

  1. Get clear on your offerings.

Now you have to have clarity on what you envision your offerings to consist of. You can offer any kind of service you feel called to offer.

It can be a course, a tarot reading, an astrology reading, or even your art. You can have multiple offerings and choose to do whatever you’re passionate about.

These are your soul offers, the offerings that feed your spirit.

My soul offer is free yoga on Sundays. It doesn’t matter if people show up or not, all that matters is that you feed your spirit.

Ask yourself, how can I get clear with my business? What can I create to feed my business and what can I create to feed my spirit?

Your offerings make the bulk of your spiritual business services. It is important to receive clarity on your offerings as a spiritual business owner so that you can craft content around it.

How are you going to serve people? What problem are you going to be solving for them? The need for spiritual guidance, teaching, divination, or healing?

Find what brings you the most joy and go with that. Everything else can fall into place later.

  1. Be unique and stop trying to be like everybody else.

On social media, you’ll notice a lot of trends pop in and out of popularity. Recognize that it doesn’t matter what other people are doing. Ask yourself, what is your story and how do you express that?

Copying what someone else is doing is the easiest way to detour you from your soul’s purpose. You aren’t meant to be like everybody else.

The best way to be unique is to get in touch with your inner world.

Stop looking at other people’s spiritual businesses or spiritual journeys. What is your spiritual journey? What will your spiritual business be like?

If you aren’t being authentic to what you want to do and share, then you won’t be aligned with your spiritual business.

  1. Find and connect with your community.

Create the spaces that you want to see if you can’t find your tribe. Find people who you resonate with and can relate to. Who are you and who can you relate to?

Some people will resonate with you and some people won’t and that’s okay.

In the beginning, I couldn’t find any other Latinas, BIPOC, or queer people, so I started to create my own spaces with a BIPOC community. Now, I serve an abundance of these individuals and have cultivated my own community around them.

You need to connect with the people you want to serve and be in community with. Engage with their posts, follow them, create content for them, and show up for your audience as you build it.

If you’re trying to start an online spiritual business, but you’re invisible on social media, it’s going to be hard to connect with people. You’ll just be a ghost online and nobody will know who you are.

Repeat who you are over and over again. Let people know about your identity and who you serve.

Some people will question you in entrepreneurship. Even though people are more open to healing today, you may still receive judgements and social pressure from non-spiritual people.

That’s okay. Those are not the people you are meant to serve anyways.

If you’re looking to tap more into the energy of crafting your spiritual business from your inner world, come and join my free mystic class, The Field.

Join me to connect with the part of you that co-creates with the universe and ignite the magician within you.

I’ll be teaching you how to tap into the frequency that allows you to bend time so you can dance with the laws of universe and expand yourself into your new spiritual business.

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