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2023 Predictions

December 20, 2022

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa Ruiz, I talk about predictions for 2023. Listen in as I break down some of the important things we should be thinking about as we head into 2023, including having stronger boundaries, not hesitating on decisions, posting authentic content, distinguishing between intuition and fear, and integrating real life with our soul businesses.


[00:30] Honoring 2022.
[03:23] Stronger boundaries.
[05:03] Making faster decisions.
[06:20] Less polished content.
[12:03] Intuition and fear.
[16:12] Why most people don’t start their business.
[17:14] Integration.

Here are a few things that you should be focusing on in 2023:

Focus #1: Having stronger boundaries

Whether you’ve grown your business beyond 6 figures or you’re just starting out, this is something that definitely affects you.

Even if your business is at 6 figures, the things that got you to this point probably aren’t the same as the things that are going to move you further. That is why you need to evaluate your boundaries and ensure that they are stronger than ever before – you need to establish your payment boundaries, the boundaries that surround your client relationships, and you need to leverage stronger boundaries to avoid burnout without slowing down.

Focus #2: Making faster decisions.

If you’re hesitating, your decisions aren’t happening as quickly as they should be.

Your objective is progress, not perfection, and the businesses that grow the fastest and see the most success are those that are making decisions without waiting for the “perfect moment”.

Focus #3: Less polished content.

This fits into the previous point – if you’re going to take extra time waiting for the perfect piece of content, you’re missing the opportunity to put your business in front of the most people.

The perfect content is the content that you post consistently.

Focus #4: Intuition and fear.

Intuition and fear are both scary, and sometimes, people find it difficult to distinguish between their intuition and their fear.

It takes becoming in-tune with your internal world to figure out your ultimate truth and yourself to trust your intuition despite the fears that may show up along your path.

Focus #5: Starting your business.

Most people don’t start their businesses because of perfection.

The biggest thing that you can do to start moving forward is not doing more – it’s letting go of more. You can do everything, but not at the same time.

Focus #6: Integrating your real life with your soul business.

Coming in 2023, we’ll be seeing more people blending their lives with their businesses.

The way that people are in their lives is going to start integrating with who they are in their businesses, and we’re going to see more people being the same authentic person throughout their lives and businesses.

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