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Spirituality Beyond the Labels

December 29, 2022

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I speak with Daníel Colón. Best known by the moniker Color Me Crazy, Daniel is a multidisciplinary artist, mystic, and life coach. Through the use of the divinatory tool of Tarot, he coaches clients through obstacles in their lives by providing mindfulness tools, advice, and creative exercises. He also provides weekly live shows on social media where he discusses topics and provides mentoring. Daniel believes that creativity leads us towards our healing, and injects this concept into all of his intuitive artwork! Listen in as Daniel shares what led him away from atheism to being a strong proponent of manifestation, why he believes that self-like always comes before self-love, and what it means to integrate every part of yourself in order to find your true place in the Universe!


[07:21] Why self-like comes before self-love
[18:00] Reparenting yourself and healing your inner child
[28:00] Making sense of your place in the Universe
[37:20] Embracing the human experience in its totality
[44:56] Losing yourself to find yourself

What brought you to your work?

Daníel: It’s in our DNA. We all have an understanding of what the world is and we have all these big questions right from the jump when we’re little. It all depends on your level of conformity and the teaching system you grew up with. I got tired of trying to fit into the box that society built for me. I got tired of blaming my mother and my father and everyone around me. I had to find love in these familial structures. I always had a soul calling to come back home, so I moved to Puerto Rico about a year ago. We all have the gift of being able to hold the hand of the previous generation and guiding them just by embodying authenticity and joy. For me, everyday is a spiritual awakening.

How do you move away from self-loathing and come to self-love?

Daníel: Emotional responses are just energetic indicators. Negativity is literally just your body reacting, telling you that something is not right. If we’re talking about our inner child, we may once have felt that we had no choice but to endure negativity. Now we do have a choice. Now you can say “no”. Now we can decide to make the best out of any situation, no matter how bad it seems. The Universe is always projecting your inner world in some shape or form. If you’re seeing gloom and doom, if you’re seeing drama, if you’re seeing anger, if you’re seeing sadness, that’s because it’s boiling up deep inside of you. It’s up to you to look at the data and do something with it. Increasing your spirituality ultimately comes down to connecting with your truest self. Give yourself permission to ask the big questions so that you get clear with what brings you real desire and longing.

What brought you to manifestation?

Daníel: The fact that it plays with Universal Law, which is the only law that makes the most sense to me. I always had the innate understanding that there is an energetic conversation between the physical vessel and the ethereal. I became an atheist at one point, but eventually was drawn to manifestation firstly as a “game” that I tried to play with the Universe. I wanted to test the Universe, and lo and behold, it worked. I learned that it relied on having a deep sense of satisfaction of being in the present moment.

How do you find your place in the world and love what you do?

Daníel: Some people call it your “higher self”. Others call it your “spirit guide”. We all have these archetypes in our body. They come out at different moments in our life when we need them. It’s all energy. They are all of us, and more. If it feels forced, stop doing it. It won’t feel like work if you’re aligned with it. Intentional work is very life-giving. If you know your “why”, whatever you do always feels better and more purposeful.

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