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The Spirit of Our Business

January 7, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz,  we are going to dive into this concept that I am calling, The Spirit of our  Business. It is truly the balance of our human desires, our livelihood, and the balance of holding our dharma, our mission, our highest vision and what we came to this planet to do. Let’s dive right in because this is going to be a juicy one!


[00:50] The importance of realizing that everything is alive
[02:40] The DNA in your dharma
[07:06] The medicine of our offering
[12:24] The importance of being in relationship with our soul business
[17:31] The magnetism in your marketing

Jewel #1: The DNA of your dharma

This is your why, your mission. Your dharma is the anchor to your business. It is the vehicle to greater expansion as we fuel our livelihood.

The reason there are so many people who are aimless or even miserable is due to purposelessness. They lack clarity on the mission that they were put on this planet to do. It doesn’t have to be entrepreneurship. It just needs to be the one thing that lights them up, that makes their work something they would be totally happy to do even if money wasn’t involved.

So, ask yourself how you can best extract the very essence of your dharma and infuse your business with it. By allowing yourself to speak through your soul business, you expand and become everything you were meant to become.

Your soul business is always about more than just the money. It’s the reason you were drawn to doing what you’re doing. It’s the gateway to your highest self.

Jewel #2: The medicine of your offering

This is how you do your business. It’s more than that digital course, mastermind, or retreat. Rather, it’s about how you show up with your customers or clients, how you bring them value.

After all, there are many, many amazing business owners offering great products and services, a lot of which may resemble your own. But no matter how much you may have in common with other entrepreneurs from an informational or technical standpoint, what sets you apart from everyone else is the unique medicine of your offering.

Again, ask yourself: What’s my dharma? What’s my mission? What am I meant to do? To give? To teach?

What those questions alchemize in your heart and soul is your medicine. Once you know what that medicine is, the journey to creating a structure around that, to the system you put in place to market and sell that offering—all of those pieces will fall into place naturally.

But it all starts once you get clear on your unique medicine: your gift to the world.

Jewel #3: The magnetism in your marketing

This is the what of your soul business. This is the way in which you tell your story to your ideal client; that is, the way you attract your tribe.

While there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing your copywriting, you should never do it at the expense of your personal brand. Your voice needs to be loud and clear in every aspect of your business.

Magnetizing your marketing in 2023 is all about showing up in your business in a way that feels true to you. Whatever feels good in your body—that is how you will bring forth your offering.

Showing up as your truest self is the key to shedding that icky feeling virtually every business owner has felt at least once; that discomfort and fear of coming off as too “salesy” to your audience.

How does your business feel now? How do you want it to feel? Who do you need to be in order to turn that vision into reality? You’ll find the answers to these questions not by imitating other business owners, no matter how much you admire them or consider them role models.

As much as we can learn from other people’s successes, we can never truly tap into our potential, our dharma, without allowing yourselves to show up as our truest selves. It’s in that surrender that we truly maximize our marketing.

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