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How to create your offers – using my simple formula

June 14, 2021

Offer creation is where people make the MOST crucial mistakes.


Because they create courses and offers they think their audience wants, but in reality, it’s what they want.


So what’s the solution?

Market research

This is SO important. Market research can be done in different ways, but the simplest? Just ask your people what they want! Get on IG Stories, post a survey, offer a $5 Starbucks card…there’s really no reason why you can’t get this information. Bottom line…get clear on what your ideal client wants.

Then, offer them solutions based on your expertise

After you’ve gotten clear on what your ideal client wants, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and give them the solution, so that they need your offer in order to achieve their desired transformation.

For example, the transformation for my Unleash & Unveil Into Harmony program was how overwhelmed humans could learn how to lower their stress and anxiety at the end of the program…through yoga & meditation practices.

Their problem? Stress and anxiety in business. 

The solution? Lowering stress and anxiety. 

My offer? Yoga and meditation for overworked, overwhelmed humans who didn’t have any time for self care 


Putting it altogether

When you’re creating an offer, make sure you add the exact research and language in the sales page so you’re talking directly to your audience’s pain points.

Be sure to always ask yourself…

If I were my client, what would the end result achieve for me?

If I were my client, what kind of program would I need?

Some options

If you’re just starting out you may want to offer 1:1 coaching first, so that you can get comfortable. If you’re a creative person or a lightworker, maybe you’re used to talking to larger audiences so you may want to launch into a course.

Whatever you decide to offer, just make sure you do the research first! If you need more help on how to talk to your soul clients, be sure to join the next round of Unleash & Unveil Your Soul Business, kicking off soon!

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