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5 Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Experience

March 9, 2021

The path to where I am now has been a wild ride and in this article, I share the biggest leadership lessons I’ve learned. 

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Leadership Lessons #1

Create the spaces you so desire to see in your industry, even if they don’t exist. When I started my brand, I couldn’t see where I fit in. I was queer, brown, and daughter to immigrant parents who came to this country in search of a better life. Instead of complaining about it, it was the inspiration behind my brand and the reason behind our bigger mission.

Leadership Lessons #2

Don’t try and copy the people in your industry. What works for them usually only works for them. The key here is to carve out your own unique methods, get proven results, and lead with that. In my early days of being an entrepreneur, I found myself questioning a lot of tools and frameworks that were being passed down to me and they never felt quite right. I understood that there are universal concepts in business that apply, but what made me light up every day and excited to serve was when I did it on my own terms. This is a huge inspiration for my company and what we teach all of our students today.

Leadership Lessons #3

Integrating all aspects of yourself can truly be a huge opportunity to create a brand that stands out from the rest. I have found that many in business have a double identity or only let certain parts shine through. My biggest takeaway is that we can show up to business being ourselves. In fact, when we are ourselves without the mask and the shield (except in COVID times), we inspire more people to do the same and spark an inner fire to create great things.

Leadership Lessons #4

Lead with integrity! If you desire to have a business you’re obsessed with while creating impact in the world, do the inner work to dismantle the ego, imposter syndrome, and the comparison game. The more we can show up being the “thing” we offer, the quicker people will understand that we are in fact not selling them anything. You are leading the way with integrity, practicing what you preach. Some people become sensitive on what is said on the internet, so use discernment and make sure you have mastery over what you teach.

Leadership Lessons #5

The human comes before the business! This is what I like to also call a soul lesson in leadership. We often think of people who are crushing it in their industry as those who are working around the clock, but it’s all about how much rest, grace, and non-attachment we practice. When I was in the third month of my business, the message of working more, more, more, and try, try, try harder, replayed in my head, when all I really needed to do was practice not being attached to the outcome. This yielded the biggest results not only in abundance and in my spiritual body, but in the growth of my sales.

It’s ok if you’re still trying to figure what kind of leader you are for your audience. A big part of it embodying the woo strategy that is most aligned & magnetic to you and your customers. Take my free quiz and discover your power.




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