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3 Tips To Start Manifesting Abundance

December 27, 2020

Have you written yourself a million-dollar check? Do you always think positively? Have you been reciting the Lakshmi mantra on repeat? Do you still feel like you don’t have clarity over money and abundance?

Well, let’s tap into what’s inside. What is your belief system around money?

Do you think it comes easily, or do you think money is hard? Do you believe money is everywhere, or do you believe you have to work for it? Do you believe only certain groups of people get money? Do you feel like you’re worthy or do you think you are undeserving of it?

I invite you to just close your eyes and feel – what did it feel like growing up? What was the conversation in your household like around money? Because somewhere in there, whether it was your mother, your grandmother, your grandfather, or your siblings, the notion of how you get money and how you relate to it, stems from WAY back.

Today, we have the opportunity to peel back the layers and change that conversation!

1. Stay in high vibrating vibrations.

This means that you stay feeling uplifted, really positive, and in a place where you’re not allowing any negative energy to come into your circle. I want you to imagine yourself in a bubble. Everything inside of the bubble has all of your dreams – everything that you’ve ever wanted. Do you protect that? Hell yeah!

This means you do not allow other opinions, or whatever it is that pains or compares you, to leak into that bubble. So when I want to stay in high vibrations and I’m really manifesting big numbers or money, or I’m in the middle of a launch, I literally get in my shell. I really get into my practice and that requires me to be alone a lot. It requires me to meditate more. It requires me to do more yoga. I need to protect that high vibrating state.

2. Be grateful AF.

This is something that not enough people do, and they come from a very wanting space. “I want money, I want a house, I want a boyfriend, I want a girlfriend, I want a business, I want $500,000.” It all starts from being grateful for the things that you already have, even if you feel like you don’t have anything. You have life right and you have your breath, and you have this experience. I’m sure that there is something that you can think of that is positive in your life.

How can you stay there longer? Because I can tell you one thing that I know for sure – abundance and creativity live in that realm, the realm of being grateful. When you truly appreciate every single thing that you have, more comes to you, and that is just the bottom line.

3. Embody your ‘why.’

Come back to yourself and the reasons why you want to be abundant in money. What is it that you’re going to do? Why is it that this is important? Why do you want money?

Is it because it comes from a place of ego? Is it because it comes from a place of service? Does money have a status attached to it? All these things mean different things to each person, and so they have a different energy field around them.

When I was a TV producer, money meant so much to me. The weird thing is, I made a lot of money but I never kept it never kept in, and not for lack of trying. But when I retreated for an entire year, and I wasn’t really doing much, I started to have more money. The more in alignment with my soul’s purpose I became, the more money I would see in my bank account.

One thing that I love to do that helps tremendously with these, is to write in journal prompts. Sometimes I even put reminders in my phone of five things that I’m grateful for. My daily practice is to build on these things to really harness and manifest into a high, abundant mindset

Your outer ego may say, “Oh, I got this and it’s fine,” but if you do not believe it inside, that’s what you’re going to be attracted to. Remembering that there is no limit to money and as a result, there is no limit to being abundant, because there’s so much money out there.

When I work with my clients, I love to talk about what they think about money. I really love to push people and remind them that if they really wanted to do something, there is literally nothing stopping them. There is literally no excuse.

So when it comes to our businesses, learning how to charge, how to raise your prices, and how to embody the money that you want to attract, all starts from you. No one’s going to go out and hand you a million dollars if they don’t believe that you come from a very abundant mind.

Try this. I want you to journal for the next seven days, and write down how your conversation with money appears every single day. Start paying attention to your internal conversation. Are you telling yourself that money is coming your way? You may think that you have a huge money mindset, but when you actually write everything down, you’ll start to see the blind spots in your own mindset.

Shift your mindset by bringing in clarity.

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