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4 Signs That You’re Identified With Your Business

December 3, 2020

If your business shuts down today for some unknown reason, how would that make you feel?

Would you be relieved or would you feel lost? Or, would you simply just move on to the next thing?

When you get trapped in the identification of our business, you start to play out your karmic roles. In fact, the ego is always looking to control, validate and find a way to make itself superior (it’s really sneaky like that). SO MANY TIMES, it takes the form of a persona, and in some cases becomes a separate identity.

But as you awaken and become more conscious, you STOP playing out these assigned roles. As the egoic death takes place and forces you to completely stop identifying with all those things, including your business, you then come back HOME to the, “I am,” beyond a name and role

Pause for a minute, and let that soak in. 

What would it feel like to show up without the cape? What would it feel like to show up without the mask?

Pay attention to these 4 signs of identifying with your business: 

1. When the business does good, do you feel worthy?
When your business does badly you feel unworthy?

2. When you hit your launch goal, do you feel worthy?
When your launch flops, you feel unworthy?

3. When you sign on high ticket clients, do you feel worthy?
When your clients sign up with other coaches, do you feel unworthy?

4. When your clients do good, do you feel worthy?
When your clients don’t get results, do you feel unworthy?


I need to be obsessed with my business in order for it to work. I need to work hard and “show up” online constantly so that people take me seriously.

NO. The only thing you NEED to do, is be yourself – the things you think are holding you back are actually the things that will make your business soar!

What would happen if you stopped identifying with your business? What would that look like? How will you measure success?

You must first define what success means to you.

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