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Your Mission & Your Vision

May 7, 2021

Are you clear on your ultimate vision in your life and soul business? Forget about trying to create the perfect offer and what goals you need to reach this month – instead, focus on how you actually want to live your life.


First lay down the foundation.

Get clear on our soul calling

Reverse engineer who we want to be in the next 3 years



Self Discovery

When you think of your life 3 years from now, where are you living? What are you doing? Who are you with?

What do you want to be known for? What kind of impact do you want to create?

What is your dharma? Your purpose? What sets your soul on fire?

What are your god given talents? And what are your human talents you learned to be good at?


Create a Mission + Vision

Create a vision on how those 2 talents can be merged together? What kind of soul biz would that look like?

What is your business mission statement and why? What do you stand for? What do you stand against?

What is your personal mission? What is your why?

At every new level, we need to come back to our mission + vision.

“My business’s mission is to help offbeat entrepreneurs who felt swept under the rug, this is their home. We are here to create more leaders.”

“My soul’s mission is to create, be adventurous, help others, be inside the community, be the voice for the voiceless.”


Set Goals

Write down your top 3 goals in life and be specific.


Create a Vision Board

After you’ve gotten clear about it – put it somewhere. You can even make it visual.

Create an inspiration board. Canva is a great place to start!


Create a Strategy

Create a strategy on how you will get there. How often do you see yourself working? What kind of soulmate clients are you calling in?



Ask yourself: Who is this next version that I need to call forth? Who do I need to be now in order to get to that next place?

Based on what your soul calling is and what you’re good at, how could they serve people? What kind of offer would that look like?

Remember to be intentional and to not leave yourself out of your business.


Take Action

What are you willing to do?

What feels good? What doesn’t feel good?

Use this monthly action plan template to create an action plan for your goals.



Manifestations are what bring something into your life through attraction, thoughts, and belief.

It requires energy and action.

Practice the woo before the do: What kind of practices ground you?

Being intentional, focused, and clear in your vision will help you.

“When we can get clear on where we want to go and who we want to be, the roadmap starts to pave itself.”


What do you think about your mission and vision now? You have more power than you think. Take this quiz to help you figure out your archetype so you can feel aligned with your woo strategies and bring abundance into your vision and your mission.




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