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How To Speak Your Truth Through Soul Messaging

April 23, 2021

I’m going to skip all of fluff and give it to you straight – your messaging should reflect and sound just like you in real life. 

Literally, this is the magic formula!

If you notice, I always use the words lovely and beautiful on social media because that’s how I talk in real life. When I write copy, I speak from that exact space for people to feel my energy and know it’s me. This is your opportunity to define who you are and be unique.

Are you a teacher?

Are you a motivator?

Are you a coach?

Are you an educator?

Think about how you can share your knowledge and show up like the expert.

That is what will ultimately make you stand out from everyone else – no one in this entire world has experienced what you have.

Let’s break down the first part…

Grab a journal and write down:

  1. What  is your why? Why is this business even important to you and how does this line up with who you are as a person and your overall mission?

  2. What was the one defining moment that changed your entire life? Is this linked to your mission? Why or why not?

  3. What are some unexpected things people don’t know about you? Is this something you want to include in your content?

  4. Ask yourself (and then answer!), “If you really knew me, then you would know that I am….?”

  5. They say that we coach people who are former versions of ourselves. How do you see yourself connecting with your potential client?

How do you feel? Hopefully this first exercise made you feel more aligned with your goals and feeling ready AF to sell to your tribe.

Still struggling to authenticate your messaging, allowing yourself to be seen and practicing from the heart?

Slide into my DMs so I can show you how to do the same, or join my Soulful Currency Course and dive deeper into my 5-step framework.

Remember, it is about learning how to speak YOUR truth within YOUR messaging.

Your messaging on social media should reflect your energy and sound just like you in real life.

This is your opportunity to define who you are and position yourself as the unique expert in your field.



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