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The Psychology of Selling

May 5, 2022

Mi amor, welcome to an express training on the psychology of selling. You’ll see, the truth is we have all been programmed over many decades to see numbers and have a reaction to them. So it’s important to have awareness of what numbers people like seeing.

Let’s test this out, when you think of the below numbers what are your reactions to them?

$1.99 or $2.00 and $2.01

Interesting right? This proves that rounding up a penny to an even dollar makes that item seem more expensive.

But, what Numbers work better?

Well, unrounded numbers work the best when it comes to selling. This means pricing out our offers at $3,499 instead of $3,500 would be best. Lots of industry coaches also believe that ending in a 7 or 8 makes a product more desirable. 

So, let’s talk about deposits.

The rule of thumb is this – work out the math beforehand but try as much as possible to keep the deposit amount as close to the actual payments as possible. When it comes to collecting payments, I find that the opposite is true. People prefer rounded numbers like a $500 deposit instead of $499.

List the Benefits 

The easiest thing to do is make sure you list the benefits of what they actually get before the price. This is a click-to-cart situation or if you want to list the price, include it in the “features” portion of your sales page. On a sales call, I do the same thing – I walk them through the benefits while I share my screen, then give them the price. This depends on how warm they are and ready to purchase.

Going Over the Payment Plan

Go over the deposit and the total cost. The goal is for them to get to the next step of enrollment so collecting payment is part of that process. Once they are there, I like to invite my OBM into the conversation and she can work out the payment plan if there are any objections to the standard one they agreed to. The key here is to not overwhelm the person.

Energetically evaluate if someone is showing up in ego or if they are someone who can’t make a decision. People who show up like this need lots of social proof and part of the sales strategy is to keep it simple and easy by showing proof if you have it. I like to share my screen and show them any client testimonials. This will also come up at the end of closing a sale. I wouldn’t try and close this person, instead, invite them to another call and give them homework.

Remember, you are a quantum being who is here to create and have earthly experiences. This is so that the Self can experience itself and have remembrance. In fact, you have the ability to create any version of yourself in the here and now, so ask yourself what’s really holding you back? Amor, the entrepreneurial journey is not only about getting in the room and being around people who can expand you but also not missing opportunities… 

And this is your opportunity.

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