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The Path to New Earth Marketing

August 5, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, let’s explore the captivating realm of conscious business and its intriguing intersection with marketing. I also share my insights and experiences, guiding us through the fourth step of new earth entrepreneurship. Get ready to move away from hustle culture and embrace intuition and heart-based decision making.


[00:03:09] Marketing as a magical and grounded practice

[00:14:12] Energetic alignment for success

[00:24:56] Authenticity and confidence in sales

New earth entrepreneurship

Nobody knows what is going to happen, and that’s why the moment is now.

If you’re the person that always passes on doing something in the moment, life is gonna pass you by because another moment’s gonna come.

Could you surrender and trust yourself and your offering and your business so hard that there is no resistance to your desire and you magnetize it and attract it into your life?

This is tough for some people because when we’re talking about attracting, we’re talking about the divine feminine energy, the water element of letting go. And most of us have not had the privilege to rest. Most of us have not had the privilege to let go because we feel if we let go, our survival is on the line. We’re used to hustling. That makes us feel really comfortable because we know if we hustle, we’re going to get to that goal. 

New earth entrepreneurship and the energy that is really holding the earth right now is going to teach you this lesson over and over and over and over that you are not going to be able to hustle your way through, that is gonna hurt so bad, that you’re actually going to quit on the things that you’re supposed to be doing on this planet.

Remember what I said? It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it. 

How can we be in our business in a way that honors the energetics? You cannot separate them, humans. You cannot separate the energetics from your business because you are a being that’s operating the business and you are a spiritual being that’s operating the business. And everything is energy. You are more energy than matter. 

Five key areas

  1. The length of your offer matters.

The old way of being in business is you need to bring in monthly recurring revenue. Bring an offer that’s 3 months, 6 months, or a year, and have a student be with you for as long as possible because that’s how you predict income.

If we’re being told that it has to be this way and we don’t feel like we have more than 6 weeks of information to give, then that ultimately is going to stop you from sharing. Because you’re gonna get on this train of “I need to get ready.” I need to get ready for more and more and more learning. “I’m not ready. I’m not ready.” 

That’s not how you get there. That’s not how you get that. You’re never ever ever going to be in a place where you wake up, and you’re like, I’m ready. I never was ready for anything that I did in my life, but I was open. And because I was open, things happened. 

Instead of figuring out the length of the offer and needing it to be longer I base the length of my offer on what is going to help me bring this student, the transformation they desire.

  1. We should not be marketing to pain points

High conscious buyers look at their pain, and they look at it as a gift. Why do we think that if we share and remind them of their pain that they’re going to buy anything? They’re not. 

High conscious buyers look at their pain and understand that that was the catalyst that allowed them to be in the position they are now. Oftentimes, high conscious buyers look at their pain not as pain, but as something very purposeful that needed to happen.

Focus on addressing the problem areas rather than just pain points. The distinction lies in the psychological aspect of buying behavior. People tend to buy products or services that they believe will help solve a specific problem they have, rather than something they don’t need. 

So instead of selling and marketing to pain points, start to talk about the transformation and the problem areas that they’re having so that they understand that they desire a solution to that problem. And when they’re ready, they will do it. 

  1. Attraction versus hustle

The old way of being in business has this hustle mentality – just send countless direct messages to 500 people, repeatedly, with the belief that it will lead to success. However, that strategy no longer holds up today. The energy that is pulsing through this planet is just not supporting that anymore. That’s why you’re seeing so many people slow down because they have been operating in that way and out of alignment with them for such a long time. 

Now, if you don’t resonate with this experience, it means you have likely been vibrating in alignment with your purpose and highest self. Personally, I can relate to this because I feel like I’m actually accelerating, having spent considerable time on this frequency. Consequently, I can quickly discern when something doesn’t align with my true path, and I refuse to pressure myself into doing anything in my business.

If a task feels arduous, not merely due to breaking through a limiting belief, but if it genuinely feels wrong in my body, like the thought of it makes me nauseous, I simply won’t pursue it. This level of empowerment comes from honoring what feels right for us, and it’s a source of immense strength.

  1. Convincing versus confident when selling

This is what needs to change. 

We think that we have to fix people’s objections if they don’t have time and they don’t have money. 

But you know what? 

When I didn’t have time and when I didn’t have money, I have made the biggest leaps in my fucking life, and I’m not saying everybody is like this, but I’m saying that those are the people that I wanna work with.

I never handled the objection of time and money. This is my personal opinion, you do not have to believe me. But I don’t adhere to time because every time I adhere to time, I feel constricted, I feel like there is this time police that is forcing me to crank out things that are just not ready. I know it’s an illusion because I have felt the sweetness of being so disconnected from needing to be anywhere at any time, whether it’s in my business or in the physical reality, and I feel blissed out. I feel like I am living and I feel on time and in my purpose. 

This is how we start to shift into being confident and being clear when we sell our offers and we get out of this. I need to handle their objections. I need to convince them why they need to do this. You actually really don’t. I just invested in a mastermind, and they offered a call. And I literally said, I don’t need a call to send me the invoice. And it’s not because I have done this before. It’s just because I know what I want, and I’m confident that when I go for what I want, there’s no other choice but for it to happen. I don’t have to convince anybody to work with me. I know who I am, and I know my potency, and I know what I bring to the table. And I know that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

  1. Looking at what’s in alignment for both parties

This is about energetically qualifying somebody.  

Maybe you’re looking at somebody and you’re talking to them, and you know that they’re not a good energetic fit. Release that client. Don’t sign them. Send them to somebody, a friend, a coworker, or just be honest, and let them know. 

There’s certain people who have certain frequency patterns that just don’t jive with me. That’s okay. We are all clustered beings. You gotta find your cluster. You gotta find your sole tribe. How do you find them when you see that you’re all vibrating at that love? It doesn’t mean that you’re the same being. 

I’m just saying that you’re saying yes more than you’re saying no. 

New earth entrepreneurship is going to require us to look at the quality of our work and to start to ask ourselves, is this in my highest alignment and is this in their highest alignment?

Remember, my friends, you are the architects of this new earth entrepreneurship paradigm. It’s time to dream big, trust your intuition, and create a business that aligns your soul’s purpose with abundance. Together, let’s co-create a world where love and business thrive!

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