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Allow me to Reinvent Myself: A Story of Transformation

Allow me to Reinvent Myself: A Story of Transformation

August 12, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa,  I share my personal journey of success and transformation, highlighting the power of conscious decision-making and perseverance. My journey was not without its share of setbacks and challenges. However, I learned that it’s through embracing failure and imperfection that we truly grow and achieve our goals. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them!


[00:01:06] Embracing imperfection and failure

[00:05:29] The power of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness

[00:11:41] The importance of making spiritual commitments and promises to ourselves

[00:18:52} Believing in yourself vs waiting for approval from others 

The transformative decision that changed my life and the incredible journey I went through

What if the decisions we make today have the power to shape our entire lives tomorrow?

I never sought out to be a business mentor. I wanted to share the power of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. The power of deciding to change your life, the power of healing. And I was doing that through teaching yoga. 

Before that, I was a TV producer for about 13 years. I thought it was good at the time. It’s one of those things you don’t know how bad it is until you have really good moments, and now I have just excellent moments. Of course, there’s difficulty, there’s  contraction, but I know that it’s just meant to grow me. It doesn’t make me fall apart in the ways that it used to. And during those moments, everything was just getting by. I was hanging on by a thread. And my life continued to be this way.

Until one day, it sucked so bad that all I wanted to do was change my reality.

I was watching happy people. And I was like, how do I experience that type of joy, satisfaction and commitment? What does somebody have to do to get that? 

And so a friend introduced me to yoga. 

As I worked my body, I realized I was releasing things that I didn’t even know were in me. I was showing up to classes and a pool of sweat and just tears coming down my face, and I realized that I was holding on to so much grief, so much pain, so much resentment that I didn’t even know existed. I didn’t even know I was aware that that was living in my body. 

One day, as I was working on my body, as I was doing the yoga, I realized it wasn’t enough. My brain still kept thinking. My brain was on overdrive, and so I learned how to meditate. And this is a “PSA” to everybody. I want to be known for saying this because there’s so much misinformation that people think that meditation is not for everybody. That is a complete lie. It is for every single type of person. It doesn’t matter what kind of brain you have. It doesn’t matter what color you have, you have a body, you have breath, you have a brain, and you can quiet it. The problem is that we’ve practiced overdrive. We’ve practiced overthinking, and that is what I believe we’re actually truly suffering from.  We’ve all been practicing nonstop, allowing ourselves to not take a break. And so as you continue to meditate, as you continue to quiet your brain, your mind, your channel will start to open. 

Once I started to learn how to work through the body, and I learned how to quiet the mind. That’s when I started to work with my thoughts. And I actually started to learn the principles and the laws of manifestation, the law of polarity, the law of assumption. I started to realize if I assume that I am blank, then the universe has to give me blank.

It’s not my reality that I had to change. It’s my thoughts that I had to change. My brain is not broken. My thoughts are just corrupted. 

Everybody always obsesses and thinks about things not working out. What if I obsess on things that did work out? How would that change my life right now? What if I always thought things were gonna work out? That was a question I asked myself at that time. And guess what? That shit fucking works. That shit changes your life. It’s crazy. 

What happens when you actually truly from the perspective of embodiment, believe that things are always working out. And so that’s how I assumed my life. 

And eventually, I got fired from my job as a TV producer, and that’s an important part to the story. 

Who was I? I’m nobody special. I’m just like a regular person. I’ve not accomplished anything

big. I’m not a writer. I’m not an author. It was at that moment that I realized. that my life was not in alignment, and I knew it wasn’t in alignment because I was not happy. Nothing in my life was making me happy, not the things that I bought, not the person I was with, not the job that I had.

And it was such a divine message from god showing me that my happiness is not out there.

One day, I made a list of all of the things that I wanted to do. It was 50 things. What are 50 things that you wanna do in this month, in the next 3 months, in another year, and in another 3 years. I took that list and I asked myself, how do I get here? And I took the first step. I moved out of my home, moved into a tiny home, cried a lot, did a lot of processing, Ended up becoming a yoga teacher, ended up teaching full time.

And one thing led to another, the more I actually felt better, the more I felt good, the more I felt like life was complete. It was fun. It was fun because I wasn’t running away from myself anymore. I’d stopped drinking alcohol. I’d stopped smoking cigarettes. I started eating healthy. I started watering the farm in the community I lived in. I started to talk to people, counsel people, share space, And that’s all I did every day. 

And little by little, magic happened.

All these things happened without a plan. I’m not lucky. It happened because I was doing my assignment. I was following my bliss. I was following the momentum I literally let go. There was no failure for me at that moment. And to be honest with you, There’s still no failure for me today. Everything can close-up tomorrow, and it’ll still be a success.

I’m reminded of each and every moment that as I kept growing, I just kept taking all of my resources and I kept pouring it back in and pouring it back in and making it better. Not worrying about what I had in my bank account and how much I was gonna keep and what was the profit. I didn’t care. Honestly, I still don’t care. I just pour it back in. I think about all the ways that now I have the ability to create more, more free content, another YouTube channel, another way that people can get this information. Why? It’s so important to me to be this version of myself. 

What is freedom? Freedom is being exactly where you are without needing more. That’s freedom. I was free before I started this business because I consciously decided that everything I was gonna do moving forward was just gonna work out. And if it didn’t, it’s all good. I’ll have a good story and a good laugh about it.

I had gone through hell and bad that feels like being on top of a mountain. This feels blissful. I feel blessed to wake up every single day and to talk to the most amazing freaking humans who are quite literally changing the damn world.

I get to do that, but that’s not how it started.

I started with a $350 program that only eight people got in, the best eight people.

I remember I put a call out into the universe, and I said, universe, I’m ready for more. Show me how good it gets. What should I do next? I wanna do more. I have more to share.

Allow me with the perfect person that’ll take me there. and I was scrolling on Instagram and there she was. The person that was gonna coach me for a year and a half, which I didn’t know was gonna be a $20,000 investment that I didn’t have, but I got in.

And that changed my whole life. That one decision.

I’ve never waited for the evidence to show up in my life. I just always took the next step.

It’s such a deep reflection because so often we see everybody when they arrive. And rarely ever do we see those moments that get them there. There were so many moments that I had to push through, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody’s so obsessed with everything needing to be easy, but you know what? When you’re healing, it’s ugly. When you’re changing your thought patterns, it’s fucking hard. It takes work, but it’s not impossible.

And that’s how it started. It started by taking the steps towards my desire. It started by holding the frequency of, it’s going to work out no matter what.

I was allowing myself to just move from one thing to another intuitively. I wasn’t placing timelines and deadlines and goals on my creation. I was making love to it. I was with it. I was listening to myself.

I was asking myself deep questions, like, what do you wanna do? What do you get to create? What do you get to leave behind? What is freaking important to you, girl? If today was the last day on earth, what is going to make you proud?

And I decided this is what’s gonna make me proud.

Learning and sharing and learning and sharing. That’s what I want my life to be. I want my life to just be a moving meditation. I want my life to just be real and honest. I don’t wanna play a role. I wanna show up whenever I wanna show up, and I wanna do what I want when I wanna do it.

The thing about following your purpose, the thing about when you’re in alignment is you’re not gonna wanna fucking stop. You’re not. And this is how I know I’m in alignment when I wanna do what I’m doing even more because your body gets tired, but your spirit doesn’t. Only your body needs sleep, fuel and food.

When you’re being fed by spirit, when you’re being fed by something bigger, when you’re being connected to the divine, you have that constant stream of energy and creativity. 

You don’t need the people to look. You don’t need the comments. You don’t need anything. You just need to do what you’re supposed to do. And as you keep doing that, you then have more clarity over how you want to live your life in who you really are and what you’re meant to create, and that will start to dictate your business. That will start to attract the love of your life.

The whole world’s gonna add doubt. Why do I need to jump on that bandwagon? If the whole world’s gonna doubt me, I’m gonna believe in myself so hard that it doesn’t matter the approval of anybody else. 

So let me ask you something…

What are your spiritual commitments today? What do you get to do today? What do you get to promise yourself? I don’t know about you, but I don’t break promises to myself. I’ve had a lot of people let me down, but the one thing I refuse to do is let myself down. That’s one thing I can control. 

Remember, the goal is to be better than you were yesterday. Embrace failures, imperfections, and doubts as stepping stones to growth. Believe in yourself, hold onto your dreams, and trust that everything happens for your highest self.

Sending you all love and well wishes on your own transformative journeys!

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