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How To Lead With A Higher Purpose

July 27, 2021

As your brand grows so will your influence. That’s why stepping into the role of an embodied leader is dependent on how you alchemize and transmute the work – as your business grows, so will the demands for your attention.

It’s important that you build supportive check in points with your team, audience and clients. 

We all have a deep desire to be seen, heard and validated but the way we show up in our leadership shapes where we meet people in these experiences. 

As a leader, you should always:

1. Check in with your tribe

Whenever something doesn’t feel right, check in for miscommunications with both clients and team members, and open the floor for deeper conversations. Don’t bypass the work because it’s uncomfortable. Leaders often go first so get used to having hard conversations but don’t avoid having them. Chances are when we get crystal clear both parties will appreciate it and it will build a deeper sense of trust.

2. Be clear with your tribe

A big part of authority building is reminding yourself that you’re showing up unapologetically, however this starts with setting clear expectations and boundaries with both your clients and team members so they know how available you are and how they can step into their own leadership. As the CEO, you don’t have to ask for permission on how to run your business – but you need to make sure you are clear with what you are and aren’t doing.

3. Check in with yourself

Process your own emotions and triggers before you share with your community. Move into a space of adding to the conversation, versus emotional dumping – and don’t take on other people’s energy as your own and make their “stuff” your stuff. A big factor here is figuring how how you can empower your team members. You want them to not only help you run the business, but incentivize them to work together as a team so that you’re just signing off on things.

Practice non judgement and create space for your tribe. Being a leader means creating an environment for both parties to have a deeper dialogue. When you open this space, you expand it for a foundation of trust to continue building.

Ask yourself…

What do you admire most from the people you consider leaders?

If fear wasn’t something holding you back right now how would you be showing up in your leadership? What kind of things would you need to do?

List the top qualities you believe a leader should have

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