The doors to unleash & unveil your soul business are open. we start june 3rd, are you joining us?

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we dive into the world of content creation and increasing visibility with long form content. We break down the top 5 social media apps and how to use them in your soul business. Join me in this exciting episode as I discuss the top 5 ways I […]

Human, my intention today is that we bring in clarity to our offers and tune into trusting ourselves so that we communicate more effectively to our ideal client what we do and how we do it. Today’s training is about creating a product suite that feels like a true extension and expression of your innermost […]

Human, as your brand grows so will your influence, and stepping into the role of an embodied leader is dependent on how you alchemize and transmute the work. And as your business grows so do the demands for your attention so it’s important that you build supportive check-in points with your team, audience, and clients. […]

Human, last quarter is really close, and it’s time for us to set crystal clear intentions on our goals for the end of the year. Take a moment here to reflect on a number that’s realistic but also pushes you to your edge. Something that’s based on your potential yearly goal so you can tap […]

Once we start getting clients, the next most important thing you need to do for your business is to create systems that are clear, repeatable, and follow protocol. Let’s start creating actionable steps that work for you and ultimately for your team, as your business grows. So that you can grow and serve your clients […]

My love, are you struggling with designing the layout of your offer? Then this post is for you. We’ll talk all about creating a product that feels like a true extension and expression of your innermost being. We will go step by step on how to get clear and craft a unique offer that feels […]