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Once we start getting clients, the next most important thing you need to do for your business is to create systems that are clear, repeatable, and follow protocol. Let’s start creating actionable steps that work for you and ultimately for your team, as your business grows. So that you can grow and serve your clients […]

My love, are you struggling with designing the layout of your offer? Then this post is for you. We’ll talk all about creating a product that feels like a true extension and expression of your innermost being. We will go step by step on how to get clear and craft a unique offer that feels […]

Mi amor, welcome to an express training on the psychology of selling. You’ll see, the truth is we have all been programmed over many decades to see numbers and have a reaction to them. So it’s important to have awareness of what numbers people like seeing. Let’s test this out, when you think of the […]

My love, we all have a deep desire to be seen, heard, and validated but the way we show up in our leadership shapes where we meet people in these experiences. As your brand grows, so will your influence and stepping into the role of an embodied leader, however it is dependent on how you […]

Let’s reframe the word marketing!  Marketing is simply the process of us sharing our magical offers and medicine while building trust with our tribe. Today, I’m talking about all of the different strategies for marketing and promoting your business. But most importantly, you will also start discovering all the things that present themselves as roadblocks. […]