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Planning Q4 in Biz

September 8, 2022

Human, last quarter is really close, and it’s time for us to set crystal clear intentions on our goals for the end of the year.

Take a moment here to reflect on a number that’s realistic but also pushes you to your edge. Something that’s based on your potential yearly goal so you can tap into how much energy you currently have.

We want to project as much of our business as possible so we can predict sales in our biz. This is a perfect example of setting up for success and pivoting along the way. It is easier to change directions than to completely start from scratch each month. You want to feel as confident as possible and monitor your quarter as much as possible, then break it up into 4 parts…

Let’s Come Up With The Offers

Decide here whether you will launch every month or maybe this is just 2 or even 1 offer that will get you there? Decide here what’s possible and think big. I like to start with the offers I know I will re-run again.

How to include a Black Friday Sales into Q4?

The easiest thing to do is take what you already have and sell it for a discount. I’m not a fan of creating anything new unless you have enough lead time but either way Black Friday is all about getting inventory off the shelf at a price people can’t refuse. This is a good opportunity for you to look at any programs/offers you want to make peace with, aka kill, and let people know this is absolutely the last time you will offer it.

Your CEO Advice: If you are launching and it takes you 7-8 weeks, then make sure you are launching at the beginning of one month and at the end of the next month.

Now take another look at the monthly numbers and ask yourself, do the offers you have work with your quarter goals? What do you need to change? Can you add more students? Does this align with how I want to actually live and notice if there is any ego searching for validation.

Human, remember you are a gem and it takes incredible courage to be seen in this way. The entrepreneurial journey is not only about getting in the room and being around people who can expand you, but also not missing opportunities…

And this is your opportunity.

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