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3 Tips on Having Hard Conversations as a Leader

September 22, 2022

Human, as your brand grows so will your influence, and stepping into the role of an embodied leader is dependent on how you alchemize and transmute the work. And as your business grows so do the demands for your attention so it’s important that you build supportive check-in points with your team, audience, and clients.

My love, we all have a deep desire to be seen, heard, and validated but the way we show up in our leadership shapes where we meet people in these experiences. In this article, I will give you three tips for having hard conversations with clients in your business.

Validate Their Experience

When people share their pain points and feelings with us, we have to keep in mind that this is vulnerable. So this is our time to lead with our hearts. It is so important to SEE THEM, see yourself in their shoes, and validate their experience, which adds to building trust with them.

Even if you haven’t been through it, they have every right to feel that way. It is a gift to see eye-to-eye with somebody, even if you haven’t shared the same exact story.

Clarify their Experience

We need to be sure that we clarify what we heard from our client. Do not assume. The foundation of relationships is all about trust, so when we assume and break the trust and connection.
Clarifying gives this person space to be more clear and correct us. For example, the person may say, “Actually, that’s not right. It’s more like self-sabotage.”

Empathetic Language

Make sure you use language that feels intentional, supportive, and empathetic. Try ay of this phrases:
“I get it..”
“It sounds like you’re going through “XYZ”. Does that feel right?”
“I’ve been there.” Share personal, relatable story.
“While that hasn’t happened to me, I can validate that experience for you. I understand where you’re coming from and I’m with you.”
“I haven’t been there but I know that this has happened to past clients and…” (don’t use names)

Last actionable steps would be to think about what you admire most about the people you consider leaders. Ask yourself, if fear wasn’t something holding you back right now how would you be showing up in your leadership? What kind of things would you need to do? Finally, make a list of the five top qualities you believe a leader should have.

Human, remember you are a gem and it takes incredible courage to be seen in this way. The entrepreneurial journey is not only about getting in the room and being around people who can expand you, but also not missing opportunities… 

And this is your opportunity.

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