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Building your Product Suite

October 6, 2022

Human, my intention today is that we bring in clarity to our offers and tune into trusting ourselves so that we communicate more effectively to our ideal client what we do and how we do it.

Today’s training is about creating a product suite that feels like a true extension and expression of your innermost being. We will go step by step on how to get clear and craft a unique product suite that feels truly aligned to you and not just a regurgitation of what’s out there.

What’s a product suite and why should I care?

Think of your product suite being the pillars that hold the house of your offers in one place. It provides stability, predictability, and clarity to your brand. When you know the offers you’re selling you release overthinking, analysis paralysis and have a clear road map on what to focus on and what not to focus on

Mel’s Gem: Your secret weapon in entrepreneurship isn’t the ability to make the “right” decision, it’s being able to make any decision and adjust accordingly.

How many offers should you have? 

I come from the school of thought that you can do anything but you can’t do everything at the same time. So with that being said, I would focus on one (1) core product. Meaning you are identifying the one product that you are most passionate about/known for and that’s potentially bringing in the most revenue

A signature offer builds brand awareness, recognition, and position in the market. If people know you’re the person that does XYZ that will make them remember you and what you do a lot easier than remembering your Instagram bio

Human, remember you are a gem and it takes incredible courage to be seen in this way. The entrepreneurial journey is not only about getting in the room and being around people who can expand you, but also not missing opportunities… 

And this is your opportunity.

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