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Take Your Business to the Next Level by Igniting Your Cosmic Baddie Energy

October 22, 2022

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I dive into the power of unlocking your cosmic baddie energy—that hidden genius within all of us which serves as the bridge between the human and the divine—and radically shift your business in the process! I highlight my best strategies when it comes to putting together your product suite and why the easiest way to grow your business always comes down to discovering your unique voice and scaling one offer at a time.


[02:48] Why we need to bless the uncomfortable moments in our lives
[09:04] The real reason nobody is buying your offers
[13:35] How to be the first in your market and compete with nobody
[18:31] Discovering your signature voice
[24:12] Showing up and showing out

The idea of the “Quantum You” is a reminder that there are many parts of who we are. Being human is just one part. Connecting to our intuition is another. Connecting to our intuitive nature is yet another. So many people are waking up to the reality that (like me!), they’re multi-passionate and multidimensional. It’s only recently that we’ve started to understand that there are many different layers to the human experience.

So, when I talk about bringing in the cosmic baddie, I am talking about the energy that straddles both worlds. I am talking about the energy that is connected to a grander perspective of who they are that’s connected to their intuition. But I’m also connecting to the human part of you that is leading yourself. The cosmic baddie is both the human being that is super sassy and confident and knows where they’re going and asks no permission at all because they are leading themselves in this human experience; but, they also have that divine hookup connection to something bigger and grander than just their human experience.

The reason why this is important is because when we start to feel into fear, when we get nervous (and you will get nervous, a lot!), no matter how spiritual you are, no matter how connected you are, the reality is that we have an earthly body, and such a body needs to experience a wide range of emotions to exist.

We have to feel happy, sad, mad, angry. But there are so many human beings that are trying to skip the bad parts to get to the good parts. They’re not understanding that the bad parts are, in fact, the good parts. Negativity is a seed for growth. As we start to activate, turn on, and ignite the cosmic baddie within us, we start to have leverage over our life. People can feel passion. Passion is so contagious. By embodying your passion via your cosmic baddie, you change your life and your business.

So, how does all of this relate to your offers?

Too many offers gets confusing for potential customers. When somebody is standing in that cosmic baddie energy, especially within their business, they are exuding this part of themselves that not only is confident, but also grounded. They believe in the things that they’re saying. When you start to activate the cosmic baddie energy within yourself and your business, you will set yourself apart from everybody else. Energy, after all, does not lie.

You’ll start to realize that it’s less about the strategy and the perfect funnel and the perfect post, and you’ll start to understand that it’s really about the human being behind it all.

By embodying your cosmic baddie, you are able to home in on that one signature offer that sets you apart. Focus on that one offer, get it right, market the hell out of it, and only once you’ve established that signature offer as part of your brand can you begin to expand your suite of products and services.

Aside from discovering your signature offer, you need to have a signature way of showing up to your audience as you grow your brand. Most people mess up by trying to be everywhere all at once. They do YouTube, TikTok, IG Reels, you name it. And they end up spreading themselves too thin and burning out as a result, before they even get their offer out the door.

Find your voice. Find that one platform and go all in on that, achieving mastery before moving on to the next. Do you love writing? Start a blog. Do you express yourself better when you speak? Start a podcast? Do you have natural confidence in front of the camera? Do TikToks or YouTube videos. But the point is to choose one and dial it in as you build your brand at the beginning.

And start now. You have to embrace the reality that your first few pieces of content will be far from perfect. But the point is progress, not perfection.

Know where you’re at and know where you’re going. And take it one step at a time instead of all at once. You will get there. That’s confidence. That’s mastery. That’s your cosmic baddie in action.
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