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New Earth Entrepreneurship: How to lead a soul business that’s in alignment with Your Quantum Self

April 30, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I talk about how to lead a more conscious business by breaking down the 3 New Earth Codes and when I say New Earth I simply mean a new way of doing things.  It’s an elevated, expanded energy that takes the “I” out of what we do and brings it back to “we” the collective.


[01:24] New Earth entrepreneurship
[05:50] Finding alignment
[06:58] New Earth abundance
[14:46] Allowing others to expand as we expand ourselves
[21:49] New Earth leadership

Leaving your unique legacy with New Earth entrepreneurship

New Earth entrepreneurship is an opportunity to reshape and redefine the way you see business. It’s all about seeing success from your unique point of view, and not from anyone else’s perspective.

Most of us define success by what we read in magazines or consume on social media. Most of these socially-accepted norms around the nature of success don’t focus on individuality, but rather on comparison.

Yes, success may include financial reward, but aren’t we so beyond that? That’s not the reason we went-all in with our soul business, and money certainly isn’t part of the recipe for true joy and peace.

New Earth entrepreneurship is an approach to business that considers planet Earth—the only true home we have. We walk on Earth every single day. How much do we consider Her needs in our day-to-day life?

Thinking about the whole, not just the parts

It may seem a stretch to connect the daily concerns of business with our role in nurturing Mother Earth, but that’s because so many of us live detached from the whole and hyper-focused on what’s in front of us.

We need other humans more than most care to admit.

And the interesting thing is, when we say “New Earth”, we’re not really trying to create a new planet. Rather, we’re creating new humans on the same planet. We gain new awareness, new consciousness.

It all begins with ourselves. When one awakens, more awaken.

Finding alignment

Building our soul business through the lens of New Earth entrepreneurship is a process of alignment.

Optimizing our website, maximizing our cash flow, and getting clear on our ideal client are all important tasks. But nothing is more important than finding alignment in every single thing that we do.

Our soul business is not just a job. It’s not just a means to an end. It’s not just something we do to put food on the table. More than all that, our soul business is our signature work. It’s something only we can do, and no one else. This is why trying to copy others never works out in the long-term.

Redefining our potential with “New Earth abundance”

For a long time, I called this “soulful currency”.

I understood that our thoughts shape our lives, and that any money I received came into my life via energy that has been at work in the background for a long time, stemming from the thoughts that went through my head as I made choices not just as a business owner, but as a person.

But I also thought that money was something I had to “get”. I’ve since started saying “New Earth abundance” instead because, in truth, there is nothing we have to get. Everything we could ever desire already exists around us.

New Earth abundance is not about paper money. It’s about the soul richness within each of us, and the soul richness that our planet holds. It’s about understanding the prosperity code.

The sun shines, water flows, winds blow—all in excess. We can activate that same abundance in ourselves by recognizing that our very beingness is made of infinite potential, like every other being around us on Earth.

New Earth abundance is the understanding that, no matter what, we are always provided for. And all we have to do is to live life totally, unabashedly, as ourselves.

Walking the walk with New Earth leadership

As a Brown Queer female, I know what injustice looks like. But growing up, I always tried to hide my discomfort, my pain, with a smile.

It took me a long time to really start asking the tough question: “Why isn’t everyone treated the same?”

I spoke my resolution into existence when I told a friend one day that, “If I ever get the opportunity to start my own business, I will never treat people this way.” I would treat them well. I would give them breaks. I would give them rewards. I would give them opportunities.

Today, that resolution is lived out in my daily actions as a soul entrepreneur.

New Earth leadership requires us to walk the walk. It lays out the road to deeper expansion, by staying in the flow of Creation, by staying in the energy of our heart—the energy of love.

Never copy someone else. Write your own narrative. Have your own guiding principles and live them out. You’re never too big, and you’re never too small.

New Earth leadership is leadership by example. It’s about rewriting the manual whenever necessary. And by the way, never wait for the “perfect” time to write the manual for your soul business, because that time will never come.

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