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Decoding the Journey Towards Authenticity with Samantha Chung

May 5, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, I sit down with a very special guest, Samantha Chung, a mindset and manifestation expert on a mission to help people wake up and live fully as their authentic self. Being your true self is the sweetest experience as a human, regardless of external markers of success. Discover how shedding layers of self-worth, judgment, and right versus wrong thinking is a continual unlayering process towards our authentic selves. Join us as we delve into the process of shifting our perspectives and embracing our true identities.


[07:39] Focusing on possibilities rather than limitations 

[14:40] Embracing your true self

[20:19] Taking responsibility instead of blaming others

[40:19] Creating something reflective of the true self

[45:05] Embracing change and authenticity

What is the process of shedding layers towards our authentic selves?

Sam: It can be a scary process. You go through a lot of ego deaths. You go through so many shedding layers, of basically the layers that society puts onto you. I believe there is no sweeter feeling than being your authentic self. You don’t have to get it right. You don’t have to make the most amount of money. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be you. And that is the sweetest experience as a human.

What is spiritual entrepreneurship?

Sam: How do I make sure that what I’m doing now will get me over here where I want to be? Spiritual entrepreneurship, at the end of the day, will always be about service. So this is not like, how do I make money for myself? That’s not spiritual entrepreneurship. I do the inner work on myself. I secure myself. I tap into my own abundance. And then my product suite, whatever my offers are, whatever my creations are. Those are actually for the purposes of serving my community and the collective. Those aren’t for me. Those get to be channeled by and through me. I hopefully get to enjoy them as I create them and hold the frequency of them, but they are for other people. And so there is, of course, an energetic exchange for that. We can call that money, right? That’s how people end up making money. But as soon as someone tries to make money for themselves, you get it all twisted because it’s an equal exchange that needs to happen for that. We have to be service led.

How has manifestation changed your life?

Sam: I uncovered a journal that I wrote two years ago, basically for my future self. And in the letter, I wrote, I’m so proud of the person you are becoming, the leader you are becoming. You have truly stepped into your purpose and helped millions of people. And there were a few more lines in there, but I just cried because I thought, how did I know? How did I know? Remember how we talked about how everything’s possible? I have to catch up to that. So my mind at that point literally could not fathom millions of people watching my videos. I think millions of people have watched them, which is wild to think about. I can’t even conceive ten people liking anything or 100 people, but millions. And I just read that and thought, I created this. I created the instructions. I wrote down in the journal what I wanted to see and how I am going to feel about myself and who I’m going to become. It was such a touching moment because I just wanted to go back and tell her two years ago, I was like, we did. But then I remember she’s with me now. 

We are literally just creators, and I feel amazed to integrate the knowledge that I think we’re actually present as a child, but with more conviction now. 

Why is it important to embrace one’s true identity?

Sam: I’ve been able to witness my clients step into the same frequency because a lot of them are basically uncovering their blocks to being their most creative, authentic selves. And so now they’re creating things, they’re creating podcasts, they’re creating all kinds of amazing offerings and they’ve had to really tap into who they are. And it’s only when they are around people who are being fully themselves that they’re like, oh, this is safe. 

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