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Magic in Marketing – 3 Ways To Stand Out

April 20, 2022

Let’s reframe the word marketing! 

Marketing is simply the process of us sharing our magical offers and medicine while building trust with our tribe.

Today, I’m talking about all of the different strategies for marketing and promoting your business. But most importantly, you will also start discovering all the things that present themselves as roadblocks. This discovery process will allow you to take notice (no judgment needed) of the things that are preventing you from fully getting behind your offer and going all out on your marketing.


Email Marketing

If you don’t have an email strategy, start now! Social media is unpredictable, but email is a sure thing and they will get it no matter what. For starters, you can keep it simple. Try just sending one email a week and see how it works for you.

Be sure to track open AND click rates, and keep stock of your subject lines so you can really learn to understand your customer and what powers them.


Instagram Marketing

Use all the app tools to promote your offer like a boss. You can introduce your offer to the audience in an IG Feed post and talk more about it in a reel or in stories. You can also go live in the app to share a mini-training and repurpose it into an IGTV!

Instagram is also a great channel to do collaboration content and cross-pollinate your audience with someone else’s.

Paid Ads

Paid ads is a method of displaying advertisements on social media (usually IG/FB), and targeting a specific audience.

Ads cost money to make money. While paid ads can bring in traffic for you, organic marketing is free. It’s not recommended to attempt ads on your own. It’s something that needs to be done properly in order to get some sort of ROI.

Marketing is the step most people drop the ball on because they either are so busy doing everything else in their business or there are some internal conflicts happening… That’s why the first thing you have to do is figure out which strategy works best for you.

Remember, you are a quantum being who is here to create and have earthly experiences. So that the Self can experience itself and have remembrance. In fact, you have the ability to create any version of yourself in the here and now, so ask yourself what’s really holding you back? Amor, the entrepreneurial journey is not only about getting in the room and being around people who can expand you but also not missing opportunities… 

And this is your opportunity.

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