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Waking Up with Melissa Ep 103

Learn My 5-step Process to Closing Intuitive Sales: The Soulful Currency Method®

September 30, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we dive deep into the transformative power of personal experiences and the importance of following one’s calling. I will be sharing my journey of self-discovery and the obstacles I faced as I traveled into the underworld and face to face with what it truly meant to be successful and abundant.  Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the lessons learned and the steps towards personal and spiritual growth.


[00:07:15] The transformative power of personal experiences

[00:13:20] Embracing your personal lessons and initiations 

[00:20:10] Embodying the belief that you have everything you need

The Magical Journey of Aligning with Abundance on A Soulful Level.

We’re venturing into the realm of new earth abundance, where our personal power meets the magnetic resonance of our soul’s desires.

I believe many of you, like me, are purpose-driven beings seeking to make a significant impact. We’re not here for superficial growth; we crave alignment in our work. I attract cosmic souls, individuals brimming with wisdom yet yearning to embody their purpose fully.

Let’s rewind to 2018, the year when I returned from Morocco after completing my yoga teacher training. I felt like the universe had opened my heart and revealed my true self. I realized I possessed boundless potential, but I struggled to share my gifts with the world authentically. I couldn’t bridge the gap between my profound learnings and a genuine, non-salesy way of conveying them. This paradox intrigued me deeply.

In those days, I often found myself saying, “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have money.” These were the very excuses I used to hide behind, and I was caught in a never-ending loop. But now, from a vantage point of alignment with my purpose, I know better. Time is something we create for what truly matters, and we are innately resourceful when our hearts are in resonance with our dharma.

As I came back from Morocco and entered a year-long sabbatical, I received profound initiations, lessons that could only be taught through direct experience. Money, currency, energy—all were interconnected. I started playing a game with myself, detaching the meaning of money from external success. Success wasn’t contingent on my bank account; it was rooted in my self-awareness.

I began to understand the illusion of money. Money is not the end goal; it is simply a reflection of our inner state. When we cease attaching desperate meaning to it and expect miracles to unfold daily, the universe responds in kind. It’s not about favoritism; it’s about aligning our vibration with abundance.

During that transformative year, I learned that we have everything we truly need in life: air, love, and our borrowed bodies. Our breath connects us to our spirit, love fuels our gratitude, and our bodies are instruments for experiencing life. These are the blessings that truly matter.

We are often bombarded with the belief that wealth is synonymous with a green piece of paper, creating a collective trauma response. The truth is, we already have everything we need. The essential shift is to release the meaning we assign to external things and instead focus on nurturing the inner abundance.

As I navigated this year of self-sustainability, I discovered that I possessed all the skills necessary to thrive. My happiness was not contingent on external circumstances but rooted in contentment with the present moment. This awareness was my treasure, the key to living in alignment with my purpose.

Through my interactions with students in yoga studios, I began to help people shift their realities and quantum leap into new possibilities. This process led to the development of my 5-step Soulful Currency Method.

The 5-step process towards personal and spiritual growth

1. Uncover and Discover: This step involves exploring and unearthing what is present for oneself and uncovering the desires, challenges, and areas of growth. It is about self-reflection and gaining awareness of one’s current state.

2. Align and Integrate: Once the uncovering and discovering phase is complete, the next step is to align with one’s true self and integrate the newfound knowledge and insights into daily life. This involves making conscious choices that align with one’s values and purpose.

3. Coach and Iterate: This step includes providing support, feedback, and helping to navigate any obstacles or challenges that arise. Clarify and reinforce the solutions discussed in the earlier stages.

4. Ease and Flow: After aligning, integrating, and coaching, the next step should feel easy and natural. It is about finding a sense of ease and flow as one continues to grow and evolve on their personal and spiritual journey.

5. Close and Offer: This final step is the moment where we bring everything full circle by offering suitable programs based on our unique abilities and the needs of our clients. I believe that every conversation has the potential to be transformative, and by sharing our intentions and expertise, we build trust and create meaningful connections.

These steps ensure that you build trust throughout the conversation and help the right clients naturally gravitate towards your offerings. 

To unlock abundance, we must shift our mindset and expectations. Expect miracles, look for the good, and trust the vibrational universe. This led me to start holding space for others, helping them shift their realities.

Go forward with peace and grace on your journey towards abundance and alignment. This is the magic of the Soulful Currency method, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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