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Embracing Your Multi-Dimensional Authenticity with Alicia

Embracing Your Multi-Dimensional Authenticity with Alicia

October 7, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we have an exclusive spotlight interview with Alicia who is a Hypnotherapist, Psychic, Mentor, & Web Designer. She beautifully integrates hypnotherapy and marketing in her work, helping entrepreneurs from all backgrounds connect with their authentic voice and create businesses that truly align with their souls. Let’s hear more about her incredible story that has brought her to where she is today and how being part of the Mystic Mastermind positioned her as a thought leader in her industry


[00:04:26] Manifesting dreams and taking aligned action

[00:10:09] The importance of breaking stereotypes

[00:17:51] Building a solid foundation for your business

[00:20:33] Finding your authentic voice

How did you start getting into bringing intuitive messages through marketing, and what inspired you to do it differently from what others were doing?

Alicia: As I embarked on my spiritual journey, I discovered that there’s a purpose to the path it leads us on. It often takes us in unexpected directions, and we acquire various tools and techniques along the way. In my case, I delved deep into the technical aspects of marketing, from designing materials to creating landing pages. However, alongside this hard, technical world, I found a softer, more intuitive side within myself. I didn’t want to confine my skill set solely to the technical aspects of marketing.

Melissa: I realized that many spiritual entrepreneurs tend to get caught up in their visions without taking the necessary steps to execute them. It’s important to bridge the gap between vision and action. It also brought to mind my time working at MTV, where all my skills were cultivated, eventually leading to my present role and founder 

For those who wonder how to transition between different worlds, it’s about aligning with your true energy and settling into it. When you do, everything naturally falls into place, and you begin to understand why the universe guided you on your unique path. However, solely holding onto visions without integrating the action-oriented, masculine side of yourself can lead to being stuck in the realm of imagination.

What kind of advice can you give to first-generation individuals who have to navigate the expectations of their families, especially when those expectations differ from their chosen path?

Alicia: Navigating the expectations of our families, especially when they differ from our chosen paths, is a significant challenge for many of us, particularly for first-generation individuals like myself. Ancestral lineage healing is a deep journey, and if you’re listening to this, you’re probably the one in your family who’s meant to embark on this healing journey. In fact, something you said at the Quantum You Event last year, clicked in me: “You said if you’re feeling the burden to make all these significant changes then you’re the ONE that’s supposed to.” It’s about stepping into the power of knowing that you can create a different path for yourself, even if your family doesn’t fully understand it right now.

I believe that eventually, they will applaud your journey when they see the success you’ve achieved. Sometimes, they may not grasp your choices because they come from a place of sacrifice and a different perception of success. They might think that the only way to succeed is to become a doctor, lawyer, nurse, or a similar profession. However, as you pave a new path and show them alternative possibilities, they may start to understand your perspective, even if it takes time.

I faced criticism when I started sharing my psychic work online. Some people accused me of doing “the devil’s work” without fully comprehending what I was doing. On the other hand, I also had individuals reaching out to me, sharing how my healing work had positively impacted their lives. I had to make a choice between listening to the haters or focusing on the people who genuinely experienced transformation through my work. I had a deep history of depression and had learned these tools to heal myself first. I knew that there was a calling within me to share this medicine with the collective.

Even though I didn’t know if I would ever transition into this full-time, I felt the calling to help others. When you hold the medicine that can bring healing to others, you can sense it in your soul when you make a positive impact on someone’s life. It’s a feeling of fulfillment and purpose that keeps you going on your unique path.

What’s your advice on niching down, especially when you have two different branches of your business, like healing and marketing?

Alicia: I believe that the fullest, most authentic expression of your voice is your niche. Your soul is your niche. When you step into your authenticity, your soulmate clients will naturally gravitate toward you. It’s essential to embrace all aspects of yourself, even if you have multiple facets to your business, as I do with healing and marketing. I’ve encountered advice from coaches in the past telling me to choose one, but I knew I was both, and you’ve been instrumental in helping me integrate both aspects in a way that aligns with my authenticity. While there may be some overlaps, ultimately, I assist spiritual entrepreneurs in executing their marketing, and I also provide deep healing sessions for those who may not have experienced psychic work before or have no interest in it.

Many of us have a tendency to fall into a victim mentality at times. I’ve worked with numerous people, and I can look back and see that I, too, used to harbor thoughts like, “I can’t do this” or “I can’t be successful because I didn’t start from the same place as others.” It’s easy to create a dialogue in your mind that holds you back. One thing that helped me was shutting out external voices, especially on social media, where comparative thoughts can thrive. Instead, I started tuning in to myself and asked, “What part of me is keeping myself small because that’s where I’m comfortable? Am I afraid of reaching my full potential? Am I scared of my own success?” It’s about recognizing and overcoming those internal barriers.

Any last words of wisdom for our beautiful beings who are eager to build their businesses but sometimes get stuck and doubt their readiness?

Alicia: I would say if you’re feeling that inner nudge, that tingling sensation deep within, trust it. Trust your intuition and follow where you’re being guided. Take the leap, even if it feels scary, and know that the universe will support you. Taking that leap requires immense trust, but it leads to the most beautiful rewards. The key is to trust yourself first, take the jump, and align your energy with the universe’s abundance.

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