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When humans say, “If you’re spiritual, you shouldn’t charge.”

December 9, 2021

“If you’re spiritual, you shouldn’t be charging”… have you heard this?

I remember when I first started my soul biz, I was terrified to charge humans anything more than $20 for a yoga class.

The narrative was, if I was really spiritual I should be doing everything for free.

But, what did that even mean?

During that time, I downsized and moved into a tiny home. I was teaching yoga at the community I was living in, composting all my food, and eating crops that the community farmers were growing.

I share all of this because there’s a lot of shaming in the spiritual community when we try and dictate how others should behave, and that can be hella dangerous.

Like Brene Brown reminds us, “Shame is an intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.”

Another Red flag while we are on this topic?

When humans shame others who have the abundance they desire.

Have you seen this one? My loves, after going from living in a tiny home and making $150 a week on yoga classes, to building a 7-figure empire in 26 months; I learned the most about money…when I didn’t have it.

The biggest shift that happened was when I realized that we all deserve to be abundant and that abundance is linked to the energy of love.

In fact, the more I learned to love even the most unlovable parts of me, the more abundance I started to see in my life.

Humans, let me ask you: what would you be doing right now if money or fear didn’t exist?

The entrepreneurial journey is not only about getting in the room and being around people who can expand you, but also not missing opportunities… And this is your opportunity.

Unleash & Unveil Your Soul Business, my signature coaching program, is back for a seventh round. Come join us in the unknown, the place where you have no clue what to do next. But along the journey, we will rise up together.

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