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How to Discover Your Mission + Vision

November 11, 2021

My love, are you struggling with defining your soul biz mission and vision? I know, we’ve all been there.

But you have to forget about trying to create the perfect vision with your mind or focusing on  what goals you need to reach in the immediate moment.

Instead, focus on how you actually want to live your life and connect to your Internal world within.

The inside is dictating the outside world we see.

Take notes, mi amor, because below is a free mini training on how to unveil your vision and mission in your soul biz journey!

⟁ First, lay down the foundations.

Get clear on our soul calling and reverse engineer who you want to be in the next 3 years. It’s time to awaken to your fullest potential and live with passion and purpose. Call in your highest self and spirit guides to trust that what you want is already on the way.

Based on what your soul calling is and what your good at, how could they serve people? What kind of offer would that look like?


⟁ Second, create that mission + vision.

Ask yourself:

  • What do you want to be known for and why?

  • What do you stand for and against?

  • What would you be doing even if you didn’t get paid for it?


⟁ Create a strategy on how you will get there.

Visualize how often you see yourself working and the kind of soulmate clients you want to start calling in.Building your mission it’s all about speaking YOUR truth within YOUR messaging. It should reflect your energy and sound just like you in real life. This is your opportunity to define who you are and position yourself as the unique expert in your field.


Who is this next version of yourself that you need to call forth? Who do you need to be now in order to get to that next place?

Take radical action on what you’re willing to do to get there?

Human, what you look for is within. If you are feeling the call to take this journey inward into finding that soul wisdom, then Portal To the Vision is the program for you. Click below to access my latest offer and dive deep into the truth that lies within you.

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