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How To Attract Your Soulmate Clients

March 9, 2023

What Is A Soulmate Client?

Your soulmate clients are the people who are energetically aligned to work with you. They are the people who you feel excited to work with. You feel energetically connected to them and you know you’re meant to help them.

Your soulmate clients will usually tell you that they felt pulled to work with you, give you a full body yes, and keep being a returning client throughout your business.

They’ll sign up for one of your higher priced offerings before testing out your energy at your lower priced offerings. They trust you instantly because you vibrate at the same frequency.

They are beyond just being your ideal client. Your ideal client doesn’t always align with your soulmate client. The image of your ideal client isn’t always who needs to work with you and it is constantly changing.

Your soulmate client is unique. They’ll refer you to their friends, family, and everyone they know. They appreciate you, love your work, and enjoy your social media presence.

You feel happy, energized, and excited to work with them. You and your soulmate client have a soul contract to work together. You might be their favorite coach, healer, reader, designer, shop, or teacher, but you will end up changing their life.

  1. Identifying Your Soulmate Clients

To understand who your soulmate client is, you have to identify who they are as a person. You have to really understand who they are and what their emotional needs are.

What does your soulmate client tell themselves?

What are the things your soulmate client says?

How does your soulmate client feel?

What are the challenges your soulmate client is facing?

How does your soulmate client think?

What actions will your soulmate client take when they want to work with you?

Reflecting on these questions allows you to give life towards your future soulmate clients.

  1. Don’t Please Everyone.

Now that you have identified who your soulmate client is, you can recognize who they are not.

This is important because you’re not meant to please everyone. That’s the easiest way to lead to burn out.

You’re not meant to be overwhelmed when you’re aligned with your business.

You just have to be able to work with your soulmate client’s needs, understand how you can resolve their problem, and give them life through visualizing who they are.

Once you’ve identified exactly who your soulmate client is, you will begin to naturally attract them. Set stronger boundaries in your business. Create a list of what those boundaries are.

Trust that they are already making their way towards you. Trust that you don’t have to work really hard and overextend yourself in order to attract them.

  1. Becoming Magnetic with Your Business.

Becoming magnetic with your business is what increases your magnetism with your soulmate client. When you allow your business to be magnetic, your soulmate client can feel that.

Allow your business to be a portal of attraction. What does your portal look like? Make a Pinterest board of your brand’s energy.

Be specific with your brand messaging and the archetype you want to embody in your brand. Who are you and what is the core of your brand messaging?

Allow yourself to take up space. Who cares if people think you’re annoying? Annoying people become famous and reach the masses.

Show up as your most authentic self. What don’t you want people to see of you? Is it your spiritual beliefs, your face, your personality? Trust that your soulmate client will not judge you and wants to see the REAL you.

What you feel excited or nervous to share about can guide you towards your most authentic content!

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