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Five Steps to Navigate Times of Transition

March 27, 2023

Five Steps to Navigate Times of Transition

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I’m speaking directly to my fellow soulpreneurs—to anybody who has a dream and has dared to put themselves out there to share their story, claiming that they’re the first in their lineage to heal generational trauma or build massive amounts of wealth, or both! But in the process of rebirth, in which we choose a brand new spiritual path for ourselves, we must be ready to embrace the phase which precedes new life: death. The whole world is experiencing transition collectively, globally. We’re even in a new astrological new year! To prepare yourself for the road ahead, listen in as I run through five steps you need to take in order to navigate times of transition!


[07:45] Know what’s working and not working in your life
[09:15] Disrupting unhealthy and unproductive patterns
[14:49] Allowing the old parts of you to disrupt
[20:17] Flowing into your future self
[24:20] Training your ears to listen to the whispers of the Universe

Step 1: Self-Inquiry

Analyze your life. Determine what is working and what is not working.

In a world where everything is materializing, we need to remember that manifestation begins in our thoughts.

If that’s the case, then we need to become aware of what’s happening in our minds. What we see around us is data that we can use to process how we think.

If we desire something, but what we ultimately acquire or experience doesn’t live up to our intention, then it’s time to home in on what’s not working when it comes to your mental game.

Step 2: Disrupt the pattern

As the saying goes, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

As you step into your new self, don’t ever pay attention to anybody who tells you that “you’ve changed”. No shit! They’ve changed, too. In fact, all of us are always changing, whether we’re aware of it or not.

In a similar vein, we should be openly proud of our positive transformations. Yes, it’s important to stay humble, but humility doesn’t mean playing small.

But remember, none of this happens if we’re not first aware of the patterns that need to be disrupted. We use self-inquiry to foster self-awareness, and it’s at this point where we are able to discipline ourselves enough to step out of the vicious cycle we’ve spent probably our whole lives in to enter a new phase of growth.

I highly recommend yoga if you’re looking for a pattern disruptor to get you started! But activities like meditation and journaling are just as great.

Step 3: Release whatever is in the way

Sit with yourself and unearth what is underneath the change you want to make.

This Aries season—this new opportunity to reinvent yourself—commit to bringing honor to death: those parts that are falling and will fall away.

Remember that those parts were necessary. You would never have had the inspiration and incentive to change without living through those past experiences and aspects of your character and personality and mindset.

After all, how can you know what you want if you can’t face what you don’t want?

Every one of those parts was necessary in the story of you. And now it’s time to release them.

Step 4: Astral project into your quantum self

Close your eyes and imagine yourself creatively and energetically flowing towards your future self.

What does this new version of you look like? How would they walk, talk, take action, solve problems?

I want you to realize that there is no “difference” between your present and future self. The only thing stopping you from unlocking the quantum you is this: activation.

The version of you that you so want to birth into existence is already in existence. She’s already here. She lives deep in your mind.

But by refusing to leave your current reality behind, there is discord. By learning to simply walk, talk, act like, and solve problems like that future self that we can already visualize, we astral project into that version of ourselves.

Step 5: Find solitude

Taking action is great. But sometimes, the best thing we can do is embrace solitude.

Go inward. Spend time in your seclusion.

It’s not about scaling or money, really. It’s about being with and giving to people, to our community. It’s about helping others activate their quantum selves.

And how can we do all that if we can’t do it for ourselves first?

When we spend time in solitude, we sharpen our intuition skills. We train our ears to listen to the whispers of the Universe. We gain confidence in who we are, in our message, in our purpose, in our dharma.

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