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Financial Alchemy: Transforming Debt into Wealth

July 22, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we dive into the fascinating world of financial alchemy and how it holds the key to transforming debt into wealth. Discover the Trifecta Method, a practical approach that invites us into deep inquiry around the stories and narratives around our ability to attract abundance. Get ready to shift your perspective and step into a world of unlimited possibilities


[00:05:36] The power of belief over fear

[00:11:20] Achieving “rich bitch energy”

[00:23:08] Aligning thoughts, emotions, and actions

Trifecta method – 3 Parts

  1. Awareness

If you’re not aware of something, then you don’t have the ability to shift it. 

So many of us look at what potentially might be in the way, and we almost turn our face away from it and don’t want to act like it’s there. But we have to bring awareness to what’s present.

We may be struggling with being motivated or believing in ourselves, and if we do not bring our awareness to that, how can we ever change anything? This is our ability to gain profound insight into our belief, profound insight into our values, and more importantly, into our subconscious mind.

We have to be able to bring the unconscious to the forefront, and that’s what we get to do with this opportunity of acknowledging awareness. 

  1. Alchemy

This is the part where everybody skips.

The Alchemy is the ability to transform. Alchemy is the ability to take where you’re at and from the highest conscious level, understand that you don’t have to stay there. 

When I think about alchemy, I think about the elements. The ancient elements of fire, wind, Earth and water are always transforming. Earth changes through her seasons and water changes from liquid to gas. This is a reminder that we are part of those elements, and those elements are also within us. 

We are the inner alchemists. We are the magicians of our life.

  1. Attraction

As we travel into the work of Alchemy, that is where we lay the groundwork we need in order to attract our hearts desires. It is only once we allow whatever is in the way to arise do we truly have the opportunity to allow our desire’s in.

Give yourself the opportunity, the gift of being present with yourself, of being aware of what’s there. Move into the alchemy so that we have the ability to transform what’s in the way so that when we move into attraction  from a solid foundation

Cultivate an Abundant Mindset

Start by recognizing that your thoughts and beliefs play a significant role in shaping your financial reality. Choose to believe in abundance rather than lack, and consciously shift your mindset towards aligning with the energy of wealth.

So, I encourage you to make a conscious decision to believe in abundance, to believe that you are worthy of wealth and success. Shift your mindset away from lack and scarcity, and instead, align yourself with the energy of abundance. Surround yourself with positive affirmations, visualization exercises, and anything else that reinforces this abundant mindset.

Remember, it’s not an overnight transformation. Cultivating an abundant mindset is a daily practice, a choice we make every single day. It requires effort and consistency, but I promise you, over time, you will start to see the tangible effects of aligning your thoughts and beliefs with abundance.

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