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Expand Your Life and Business by Tapping Into Your Cosmic Baddie Energy

November 4, 2022

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I dive into activating and igniting your cosmic baddie energy within your business, transforming it in a radical way. I touch on product suite, crafting your offers, and why I believe that scaling your business always relies on focusing on one thing at a time.


[00:49] Tapping into your Quantum You

[02:32] Why we can’t skip negative emotions on our journey of expansion

[08:05] Setting your signature offer apart from the competition

[13:35] Becoming the first in your market

[17:40] Finding and activating your signature voice

[24:12] Releasing fears of criticism and living life on your own terms

There are many parts to who we are. Being human is just one part. Connecting to our intuition is another. How many people nowadays have begun to declare that they’re “multipassionate”  or “multidimensional”? How many others (like myself!) have taken action on the urge to become a solopreneur, then jump in a van and travel the country?

We are starting to understand that there are so many layers to the human experience. When I talk about bringing in the cosmic body, I am talking about the energy that straddles both worlds. I am talking about the energy that is connected to a grander perspective of who we are. I am also talking about the part of you that is leading yourself.

We need to understand that the cosmic baddie is the human being that is super sassy and confident and knows where they’re going and asks no permission at all because they are leading themselves in this human experience; but, they also have that divine hookup connection to something bigger and grander than just their human experience.

When you start to experience fear, no matter how spiritual you are or how connected you are, the reality is that we have an earthly density body and it does not skip our emotions. We have to feel happy, sad, mad, angry.

That’s the whole whole reason we came to Earth: We wanted to experience all of it. We wanted to experience all of the expansion and the feelings that go along with that. Those feelings include the good, the bad, the high, the lows, and the parts of you that are going to feel love and those parts that are going to feel heartbreak. So many human beings are trying to skip the bad parts to get to the good parts. But the truth is, the bad parts are the good parts.

Bless the parts that are uncomfortable because those are the moments in which you grow.

And yes, these are all lessons that we can apply as business owners.

So many people are operating their business in this very tactical way where they’re trying to figure out the thing that is going to call in an endless stream of customers. Yet, even if you had one viral piece of content and you got traffic onto your social media platforms, people are going to click on your videos and if they don’t know who you are, if they can’t hear you speak, if they can’t tune into your energy, they’re not gonna stick around.

So, in the meantime, create your foundation. This is how we can start to ignite and turn on that cosmic genius within us that straddles both worlds. That’s how people get attracted to you. They feel that passion. They feel that selflessness. Energy does not lie.

And how does this apply to creating your perfect suite of offers? Well, by embodying your cosmic baddie, you realize that you don’t need to start with a suite. You just start with one. Find that one signature offer that defines your brand. Only once you’ve established that signature offer can you begin to expand your suite of products and services.

Do you want to compete with a million other people in your niche or do you want to be the only one that does what you do? Double down on that! If people start to know you, trust you, and like you by the content that you’re creating,when you turn the cosmic baddie energy on, you’re signaling to the world, “I am who I am and I’m standing in that!”

Also ask yourself, ”How can I be first to the market? How can I create one stellar thing, bring it out into the market, and price it in a way that sets me apart from everybody else?”

There are so many people that will tell you to bring your prices down and go right underneath your competitor. Eventually, you end up becoming unprofitable and burning out. Wouldn’t it be more worth your time (and money) to charge whatever the program is worth and tap into all of the mastery that you have to make that signature offer the best that it can be?

Instead of discounting your way into unprofitability, do something for free instead to build that trust and credibility factor with your fledgling audience: Offer a community call. Offer free yoga. Offer whatever it is that you want in your heart if that’s really at the core of your messaging and what you want to do.

Building a profitable business thrives on dialing in your pricing, getting clear on your offer, making sure that you have a clear client transformation, and making sure that everyone who decides to work with you has amazing client experience. Gain feedback from these people; rinse and repeat!

Apart from creating your signature offer, you need to discover your signature voice. You could do everything: YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, a podcast, blog articles, etc. But if you’re doing it all to the sound of crickets, there is a problem in your business and, most likely, people haven’t yet felt into your cosmic baddie energy: They haven’t felt that you’re the authority in your space or that you’re confident in what you’re offering.

Pick a lane: Find one problem you want to help your ideal client solve. Start with one content platform. Start with one message. Start with one signature offer. Embrace failures as teachable moments. Embrace the fact that no one gets it right on their first try—or their second, third, fourth, or fifth! Soldier on, and attain mastery. Rinse and repeat!

Show up and show out. Release and alchemize these parts of you that care so much about what everybody else has to say. What I think about myself is more important than what other people think about me! Be open to feedback, of course, but don’t let what other people think of you become more important than what you think of you!

That’s what it means to ignite your cosmic baddie energy!

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