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As a spiritual business owner, creating a mindful workspace can be essential to your success. You can enhance your productivity, creativity, and overall well-being by designing an intentional and inspiring workspace. Here are five tips for creating a mindful workspace for your spiritual business: A cluttered and disorganized workspace can be a significant source of […]

5 Tips for Creating a Mindful Workspace for Your Spiritual Business

Starting a spiritual business can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but it can also bring up a lot of fear and self-doubt. It’s natural to feel uncertain about your abilities and whether your business will be successful, but these feelings can hold you back from achieving your goals.  Recognize Your Fear and Doubt The […]

How to Overcome Fear and Doubt When Starting Your Spiritual Business

Pricing your products and services can be challenging, but with the right approach and mindset, you can confidently set fair and competitive prices that reflect the value of your offerings.  Know Your Value The first step in confidently pricing your spiritual offerings is to recognize the value that you provide to your clients. Consider the […]

How to Price Your Spiritual Products and Services with Confidence

Creating a business plan that aligns with your values and mission is essential for building a business that aligns with your dharma, and your soul’s purpose. By following the essential steps outlined in this post, you can create a business plan that helps you achieve your goals and reflects your values and beliefs. The first […]

Creating a Business Plan Aligned with Your Spiritual Values

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we have an exclusive spotlight interview with Alicia who is a Hypnotherapist, Psychic, Mentor, & Web Designer. She beautifully integrates hypnotherapy and marketing in her work, helping entrepreneurs from all backgrounds connect with their authentic voice and create businesses that truly align with their souls. Let’s hear […]

Embracing Your Multi-Dimensional Authenticity with Alicia

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we dive deep into the transformative power of personal experiences and the importance of following one’s calling. I will be sharing my journey of self-discovery and the obstacles I faced as I traveled into the underworld and face to face with what it truly meant to be […]

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