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March 3, 2022

One of the hardest parts when scaling your business is the mindset that’s needed along with the expansion. It’s the embodiment piece that is so often overlooked because at this stage it’s all about leveraging your time and taking bigger swings in your business.


In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we’re diving into the topic of why it’s so difficult to change our lives. Despite our awareness of the benefits that changing our behavior, thoughts, and perspective brings into our life, the truth is, it’s challenging right? Take a journey with us as we explore the art […]

Letting Go of Who We Learned to Be

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, I talk about my one-year sabbatical and 10 things that transformed my life. I also share about how I went sober and became a full-time devotee of yoga, meditation, and plant-based wellness, which ultimately changed my life. Tune in to this episode and explore the power of […]

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I talk about the importance of discipline and three ways to activate it in your life. Discipline is the virtue that stabilizes and brings safety to your nervous system. It’s the virtue that inspires you with confidence, both in your soul business and in life! A […]

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, we’re gonna talk about how to attract abundance without working hard. So if you’re the type of person who has heard of abundant and lack mindsets but struggles to grasp how to cultivate an abundant mindset, you’re in luck.  This episode is going to give you […]

Picture this: you’ve built a business from the ground up, and you’re proud of all that you’ve accomplished. But despite your hard work, you find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and constantly striving for control.  What if I told you that the key to unlocking your business’s true potential lies in the power of letting go? […]

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, I sit down with a very special guest, Samantha Chung, a mindset and manifestation expert on a mission to help people wake up and live fully as their authentic self. Being your true self is the sweetest experience as a human, regardless of external markers of success. […]


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An entrepreneur by heart, Melissa helps other women start and scale their business, while keeping their spirits aligned and embracing new challenges.

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