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Visualizing the Quantum Realm: Unlocking the Power Within

July 8, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we dive deep into the world of spiritual entrepreneurs and the importance of self-care for sustained success. As spiritual entrepreneurs, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to balance our desire to help humanity with building successful businesses. We often find ourselves facing pressure, hindering the maturation of our creations. But fear not, for you are not alone in this journey!


[00:02:07] The pressure and challenges faced by spiritual entrepreneurs

[00:07:04] The significance of self-care for lasting success

[00:24:46] The role of aligned action and task management in achieving goals

The importance of self care for spiritual entrepreneurs

I’m talking about your nervous system.

I am talking about you being able to hold your desire and allowing it to mature. 

Oftentimes I see spiritual entrepreneurs pressuring themselves and they’re not allowing their creation to mature.

Self care for a spiritual entrepreneur really has to do with us grounding into deeper knowing. It’s knowing that we got everything that we need literally within us. And the other part is that we’re being taken care of when it comes to our business, as long as we keep taking care of ourselves.

If we take that energy and we apply it to our business, our body actually starts to settle. Moving right along. Get real with how you want to serve. There are so many different beautiful ways that we can show up in entrepreneurship. But a big part of our self care is understanding that we’re not supposed to do it like anybody else.

So get really clear on how you want to serve in your spiritual business and this is directly linked to your own personal self care. 

Because guess what?

If you sit down all day and you’re scrolling, comparing yourself and not believing that what you have to say is valuable and it’s freaking needed, then you’re just going to be wasting a bunch of time. You’re going to be sitting there. Hours will pass by, days will pass by, weeks will pass by, months will pass by, a year will pass by. And you’re going to kick yourself in the ass and you’re going to be like, damn, why am I not putting the thing out there?

Managing stress

Managing your stress is about not paying attention to the stress. Managing your stress is about not making little things, big things. Managing your stress is about having mind mastery.

We all get caught up in those loops.

And if you keep entertaining them, that’s what really starts to spin us out of control. And so managing our stress is understanding that when something comes into our field, we learn to redirect the energy. We learn to not entertain things that we don’t want. 

I know that it seems so simple.

If you want to continue to attract abundance or attract the love of your life, then you have to inside of you, harness the energy of love. You have to inside of you, harness the energy of being rich from within.

Everything’s happening from the inside out. It’s that hermetic principle. And so the self care of an entrepreneur is so important.

Task management tool

This is going to be a game changer.

Organization in your business is imperative. 

Don’t spend all of your time just working your self care and never taking aligned action. make sure that as you continue to tune in and as you continue to feed your soul, feed the thing within you, give it love, give it light, give it compassion, give it forgiveness, give it a space that’s beautiful. Give it all of the things in order for it to succeed.

We also are beings that are human, and you need to stay organized so that you can actually implement and do the thing that you want.

Remember, humans, you have one life, and it’s this one. You’ve had many lives, and you’ll continue to live beyond this time space. But for right now, you’re in the best place ever.

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