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Unlocking Your Intuition: 5 Signs You're Being Fed by Source vs. Ego

Unlocking Your Intuition: 5 Signs You’re Being Fed by Source vs. Ego

June 16, 2023

Unlocking Your Intuition: 5 Signs You’re Being Fed by Source vs. Ego

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, we’re gonna talk about understanding if we are being fed by source or if we’re being fed by our ego. I broke this down into the five things that you should be looking out for. So this is going to be a juicy episode, especially for somebody who wants to strengthen their intuition.


[00:01:00] Differentiating between being fed by source or ego

[00:05:52] Strengthening intuition and making decisions based on alignment

[00:11:49] The “art of doing nothing” and “allowing” 

[00:14:11] The importance of doing what brings us joy

[00:18:31] The disappearance of time in the vortex

Being fed by source

  • You have access to unlimited energy

We’ve been taught that we have to get in and we have to get out. We have to get on with our job, do whatever it is that we have to do and then we have to get out because we have to preserve our energy for us. Because the thing that we’re doing for other people is almost like an energy leak. We have to bring in, show face, do the things that sometimes we don’t want to do. And then we actually live our real life afterwards. And that’s not being fed by source. 

When you’re being fed by source, you have this alignment towards this greater power.  When we are in alignment with our life, we often feel like when we discover our passion, we actually can’t stop doing it. When you find the thing that you’re supposed to be doing, you all of a sudden start to have this unlimited access to energy.

  • You are moving from inspired action, from intuition and from a gut feeling

How egoic of us humans that we think that we have to do everything and that we actually even take pride in doing everything and that’s no way to live? 

When you are being fed by source, you get this overwhelming feeling of trust. You get this overwhelming energy of complete surrender. You’re giving it up to God’s will. It’s that kind of energy. You all of a sudden start to realize like holy crap, I was never meant to do all of this on my own.

  • You have access to ideas and downloads that are actually coming in effortlessly

A download comes from a place where it’s coming from a higher perspective.   It doesn’t come from the thinking mind. It comes from this higher perspective and it drops in. And the reason why it drops in is because there’s no resistance. So you actually become a good receiver. 

  • You’re being guided to do things sometimes that may not monetarily make sense for you

If money wasn’t a problem and you have unlimited resources, what’s the thing that you would be doing for free?

Always remember the thing that brings you joy, whether it’s singing, artistry, painting, love for connecting with people or leading retreats, whatever it is that is usually tied to your purpose. Make space and room for the things that are feeding your soul. 

We need to feed our soul because that’s the thing that makes us feel purposeful.

  • The time factor disappears

It’s where you get into the vortex.

You find yourself in a place where time is not a factor anymore. We human beings are the only ones that are really attached to that time factor, where we think things are happening in a linear time, but as we’re being fed by source, timelines collapse, possibilities become endless, time disappears.

Being fed by ego

  • We’re using our mind to get to a certain place and so we exhaust the body

This is where efforting comes into play. We are putting ourselves in a position where we’re not allowing things to actually happen and we’re using our own resources.

Mental exhaustion is a thing. It’s not that we are physically exhausted, it’s just that we’re actually in our mind so much trying to make things happen that our body starts to feel the effects of it. That mental game that we’re playing with ourselves is actually worse than physically doing things. 

  • You make moves out of fear and scarcity

You’re not playing the long haul game with the universe. 

The long haul game with the universe is you understanding that you’re truly being provided by. And that when we connect to our intuition, when we strengthen that muscle in our gut and we realize that we’re being pulled to something even though we can’t explain it, we still make that leap. That’s actually how you strengthen your intuition and your inner knowing and your compass.

  • You’re forcing your way to think through a problem instead of feeling it out

You’re forcing yourself to do it through your thinking mind. 

We get our best ideas and we get the things that we’re supposed to be doing that’s in alignment with our highest self when we’re actually not trying, when we’re not doing anything.

This is why the art of doing nothing and the art of allowing is so powerful.

  • We get into this energy of “what’s in it for me” attitude

We become this tit-for-tat kind of person. 

When we’re being fed by source, we stop keeping score, we stop keeping count, because we’re only making decisions that feel good for us. So really start to tune into that energy where we’re being guided into spaces that may not make sense for us, but all of a sudden we really start to feel full. We start to feel that soul richness from within. 

New Earth abundance is here. New Earth leadership is here. There are truly new ways of anchoring back into our planet that are a lot more sustainable for us humans. And we’re getting out and jumping off of this rat race.

  • You always feel late to the party

“There’s not enough time. I wish there were enough hours.” Has anybody ever heard of that?

Only our ego feels like we’re late to the party. When you’re being fed by source, that doesn’t come into play. 

Reminding ourselves that, yes, we live in this 3D world where we’re being anchored in by the ego, and we’re being anchored in by our physical, dense body, but we’re also being invited to expand. 

One is not better or worse. It’s really about becoming best friends with both parties. It’s really understanding how to balance it and how, when we are moving towards more intuitive inspired action, we actually get to our desired goal a lot faster.

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