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Understanding Poverty Consciousness: More Than Just a Lack Mindset

May 9, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, we’re gonna talk about how to attract abundance without working hard. So if you’re the type of person who has heard of abundant and lack mindsets but struggles to grasp how to cultivate an abundant mindset, you’re in luck.  This episode is going to give you full permission to unleash your inner abundance. Let’s get right into it.


[02:11] Discovering poverty consciousness
[06:43] Upgrading your system through self-reflection
[11:33] Overcoming ingrained beliefs and following inner knowing to achieve success
[19:14] Letting go of the scarcity mindset and trusting the universe
[23:59] Training your mind to see the silver lining for faster results

Upgrading your internal belief system

When you upgrade your thinking, your beliefs change. And when your beliefs change, your reality changes. And so we have to go into our system and understand, why is poverty consciousness here? What is it actually really telling us and where did it come from? And lastly, how do we freaking heal it? 

Letting go of the scarcity mindset and trusting the universe

Can you actually really trust that you’re being provided for by the universe? 

I always come back to this remembrance that we’re two things. We’re the human that’s dense and in our body and that sees reality and perceives reality through our eyes. But remember, you also came with a guiding light. Also remember that you came with your light body, with your consciousness, with your soul, right? With the thing that you tap in that has everything that you ever wanted, all of your desires, all of that. You came with that. It’s your passenger. It is your light passenger. And so that part of us is connected to universal consciousness. 

And what is universal consciousness? It’s the totality of the universe. It’s the place where all knowing is right, where the beginning and the end is. It’s the place of deep surrender and trust and unfoldment. It is the place where things continue to happen, not in a coincidence, but everything is happening as part of your grand evolution. There doesn’t need to be a bigger meaning to it. It just means that this is your journey here on Earth. It is to get to know all of your parts. It’s to experience life through this beautiful body that you have. And also remember that you can create and be anything that you can think of. Why? Because your mind is truly the algorithm.

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