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Episode 100

The 3 Things You Need To Know About Being Consistent

September 9, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa,  I celebrate the 100th episode and the 3 core areas we want to look at  that help us build habits and routine. As we walk through memory lane I share the setbacks and challenges of building my business in a #tinyhome and recording this podcast in my car. However, what was birthed through that experience was pure resilience, strength and the heart of a lion. Tune into this special episode and find out what it truly took to record 100 episodes of an established podcast.


  • The 3 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Be Consistent 
  • What Happens When We Become Conditional Beings
  • Releasing The Illusion That Things Are Better Over There 
  • Rewiring Our Mindset To Alchemize Instant Gratification 

Three key obstacles that often stand in the way of building consistent habits.

#1 Believing that no matter what you do, nothing is going to change. 

Consistency, as we know, is the foundation for creating lasting change in our lives. But it’s not always easy. 

This is a specific mindset issue. This has nothing to do with the course that you’re taking, the strategy, the mentor that you’ve hired. This has to simply do with the thoughts that you are believing.

It sounds like why should I bother? Why should I open up my heart to such and such? It’s never gonna work out. Why should I put myself out there? I’m never gonna be that person. When you have these types of thoughts, this is going to mess up your consistency because it is going to be contingent on you having a good day.

But what happens when you have a bad day? What happens when you have a bad moment? What happens when you have a bad week?

You’re going to stop. You’re not going to be consistent. 

Consistency equals a habit. And in order for things to become a habit, we have to be able to train our body to do this in our sleep. It doesn’t matter how difficult it may look. You are going to become the person that does it anyway.

Believing that nothing will change can lead to inconsistency and prevent us from taking action. We must challenge these thoughts and remind ourselves of the value of our efforts, even when progress feels slow.

#2 Becoming this person that is an instant gratification human. In order for you to actually keep going, you have to see the result. 

Ask yourself, have you become this person who is completely impatient? 

I’m gonna just be really honest with you.

If you keep going this way,  it is going to be very difficult for you to smash and get to any goal. Because at the end of the day, you will not see that gratification right then and there. Your results are coming way down the line. 

When you are on a healing journey, when you are becoming a new human, there is a grace period. You have to give yourself that time in between to catch up. Your mindset has to catch up with your body. Sometimes your body has to catch up with your mindset. 

And how can you become the human being that knows that things are happening behind the scenes? You don’t need to see it with your physical eyes. You just need to feel it with your whole heart.

True success takes time and patience. Don’t let the mindset of instant gratification hinder your progress!

#3 Waiting for the perfect timing

There is no right time.

There is no other timeline where it is going to be the best time for you to start.

The best time for you to start is now. 

We often convince ourselves that there is a better time or a better way to do things, and we use this as an excuse to not start. But waiting for the perfect time is completely BS! There is no perfect timing or timeline for starting or loving oneself. The best time for you to start your business is now. The best time for you to open up your heart is now. The best time for you to forgive is now. It’s not later. Later as an illusion. Later never comes.  The best time for action and self-love is NOW. Don’t let excuses hinder your progress. Start from where you are and embrace the journey.

LIFE,” I truly understand that at the snap of a finger, it can be gone. We are on borrowed time.

So to not be consistent and obsessed with the work that I need to be doing is a waste of time for me. I don’t want to experience a world where I tell myself tomorrow I’m gonna get to it. I don’t wanna experience a world where I have to wait patiently for things to fall into place. No. I know that when my mindset is correct, and it’s dialed into my vision and my purpose. I’m walking with God. I know that nothing can come in between me and the goal that I set for myself. But it requires me to turn on my consistency.

It requires me to learn how to be the person that continues to show up even when nothing seems to be happening because I know that everything is happening. It’s just happening in the unseen world. It’s just happening in the background. 

Let’s embrace embodiment, commit to our decisions, and shatter the notion of waiting for the “right time” or the “perfect way” to do things because, quite frankly, it’s completely bullshit.

Success isn’t about waiting for the perfect opportunity. It’s about taking consistent action and building deep-rooted habits.

Remember, the best time to start is NOW! Let’s make it happen!

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