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Ep 101 Recapping My Tulum Mastermind Retreat

Recapping My Tulum Mastermind Retreat

September 16, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, recorded in the beautiful setting of Tulum, Mexico, I dive deep into the transformative power of taking sacred pauses in our lives.  It’s all about integrating, purging, and upgrading our nervous system and programming. Let’s awaken our true potential together and create a life filled with purpose, empowerment, and fulfilment. 


[00:02:31] Connecting with our ancestors and guides

[00:09:34] Embracing personal growth and transformation

[00:19:03] Going the wrong way is based on illusion and control

Powerful insights and messages I received during the magical retreat in Tulum, Mexico

*How are you connecting to your guide, spirit Source, Universe, the elements, nature on a regular basis?

Remember that in order for you to connect deeper into your intuition and activate your belly, your first brain, you have to be doing this on a consistent level. 

Notice the parts of us when our life is flipped upside down and we’re looking for help and we’re looking for guidance. We look to the sky above. We look to Mother Earth. We look to everything that can possibly come in to help us.

Our guides are ancestors and the people that have walked before us are literally within us. And not only are they within us, they walk alongside us. And not only do they walk alongside us, some of them become our angels, our guides here on this earth. They transition and become our guides, our teachers, and they wanna connect with us, but it’s up to us to open up the door. Remember that not only do our ancestors wanna connect with us, but the Universe Source and God wants to connect with us. And it’s only until we ask for them to appear and not to come only when we are in crisis that they make themselves known to us

The Universe doesn’t like people to beg. And the Universe does not give to the beggars of life that are on their hands and knees saying, “please give me money. Please give me love. Please give me an opportunity.” 

Our ancestors are looking towards us and saying…

“Remember your power. Remember who you are. Remember what you’re made of. Remember, you are the creator of this reality.”

*Every path we take is perfect, there are no wrong choices.

Confusion is just a temporary state that keeps us disconnected from our power.

When humans are confused, we cannot tap into our intuition. We are disconnected from the God Source Universe. So we stay in our confusion. And somehow, some way, there are specific energy frequencies that take advantage of that. There’s a part of this earthly programming that very much likes us to be disconnected from our power. Because when we’re disconnected from our power, we’re disconnected from our body, we’re disconnected from our intuition, and the ability to trust ourselves.

There are no wrong choices in life.

There is this illusion and this programming that we feel that if we go right or we take the blue pill, we’re gonna all of a sudden not get to our goal. But that’s far from the truth. You can only ever be on your path. You can never actually get off of it. You could pause. You can take a break and not be in your mission and in your work and in your dharma. But you are always on the path. And even when you pause, there’s a sacred pause, there’s a cosmic pause. It is your integration. It is the time for you to purge. It is the time for you to upgrade your nervous system and your programming.

Trust yourself and your path.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for personal growth. Trusting yourself and your own abilities is crucial for embracing your journey. Even if we deviate from our path, we can always find our way back to aligning with our purpose. 

*The call keeps calling until we answer.

What is life calling you into at this stage in your life? 

Is it calling you back into yourself? Is it calling you back into your medicine? Is it spring boarding and slingshotting you into your work? Are you being activated to a lined action?

We’re always in a stage of dying and rebirth and being in our caterpillar and spreading our wings to fly. We’re always in that metamorphose. But are you listening?

Remember, we cannot sustain being in any one phase for too long. 

So if you’re still saying, I’m in my stage of going in and hibernating and integrating. You gotta get out of that because we’re not meant to be in our seclusion for too long.  You have to take your sacred pauses. You gotta find your own flow. You know best. You know better than me. You all know your business better than me. You all know your purpose better than me. You all know what’s in your heart. You are your inner alchemists. You are your healer. You are the one that transforms the elements into gold. 

So if you’re in a season of I’m broke, remember you are not broken. Whatever is in your bank account, you have to rise above that. You have to get to a place that feels so juicy that you stop looking at what’s missing. Focus on what is good and fulfilling in life, and practice being a victor in your own story.

Trust yourself and your abilities for growth and success. Remember, even small steps on the path of personal growth and transformation matter immensely. You are a masterpiece, composed of many energetic parts. You have the power to release and transform the energy within yourself. Dare to dream, to reach higher spiritual levels and to shift dimensions. It’s all within your grasp!

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